3D Archery scheduled for May 1 at Beaver Creek Park

Archers have just one month to practice for the Bearpaw Bowmen Archery Club’s Spring 3D Archery, taking place Sunday, May 1 at Eagles Campground in Beaver Creek Park.

Registration opens at 8 a.m., but archers can register at any time of the day as long as they have completed the course and returned their scorecards before 3 p.m. The competition is open to all, with all types of bows allowed, however rangefinders are prohibited.

People are also advised to come dressed regardless of the weather that day, as the shoot is a hit no matter what Montana decides to throw down that day.

The course consists of 25 life-size animal targets in a variety of sizes from the Archery Club’s collection, from small rabbits to big game and even a Sasquatch, laid out on a hiking trail around the shooting range. Eagles campsite. And the shooting distances will be from 3 feet to 70 meters.

This shoot is the precursor to the Barber Ranch’s annual 2-day archery shoot, which will take place June 18-19 this year.

3D Shooting has a mix of amateur archers, hunters and other archers taking part in the competition, although professional-level archers are more likely to attend the two-day archery run in June, which can attract up to 500 competitors. Montana, neighboring states and Canada.

The Spring 3D Archery Shoot will have targets at different distances set for traditional and compound bows, and for younger archers.

Haven Daily News/Pam Burke

Competitors in the April 25, 2021 Bearpaw Bowmen Spring 3D Archery Shoot watch as another archer takes aim at a life-size moose target in Beaver Creek Park. Shooting distances to targets depend on things like the size and difficulty of the target, as well as the competitor’s age and bow type.

The competition is divided into three age groups of 12 and under, 13-17 and adults, 18 and over, and they can enter one of six categories.

Two of the categories are for traditional bows – Longbow and Recurve. The other four categories – Freestyle, Unlimited, Limited and Bare-bow – are for compound bows, and the divisions are defined by how many aids, such as sights, pins, triggers and compensators, are authorized from Freestyle, where everything is permitted, to Bare-bow, which does not even allow sightings or releases.

Registration for the competition, which is open to all archers, begins at 8:00 a.m. and all shots will be taken at 3:00 p.m.

Concessions will be available onsite and organizers will follow regardless of current COVID-19 restrictions at the time of filming.

Anyone interested in shooting or the archery group can get information online at http://www.bearpawbowmen.com and the Bearpaw Bowmen Archery Club Facebook page.

People can also call Clyde Thomas at 406-265-4572, Nick Siebrasse at 406-390-0402 or Mark Daniel at 406-390-3579.

Earnest A. Martinez