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Photo submitted Aiming the line. Those wearing red colored shirts are from County Ward, they include (left to right) Tyson Perdue, Cason Schenfisch, Gage Schenfisch, Cheyenne Degenstein and Elsa Degenstein.

Ward County 4-H Shooting Sports hosted the Northwest District Archery Game Jan. 29 at the North Dakota State Fairgrounds in Minot. North Dakota 4-H youth from 23 counties participated. In 2021, attendance was 155 4-H youth; In 2022, a total of 280 young people participated, including 47 from County Ward.

Indoor archery matches are grouped according to age and type of bow. The ages are Beginner (8 to 10 years old), Junior (11 to 13) and Senior (14 to 18). There is a Masters division for those who are at least 14 years old and have qualified for a national competition in their age and arc division. The bow divisions are Barebow, which has no sight or trigger on the bow, and Freestyle, in which the bow has either a sight or a trigger.

In the Masters Freestyle division, Ethan Myers of Minot placed fourth with a score of 293 out of a possible 300 points.

Senior Freestyle Division:

Jorn Brose, Minot, placed second with a score of 294.

Photo submitted Archers Jorn Brose, Teagan Strilcov and Ethan Myers line up and take aim.

Brooklyn Bloms, Carpio, placed eighth, 279.

Teagan Strilcov, Minot, placed tenth, 276.

The team of Brose, Brooklyn Bloms, Strilcov and Miranda Novodvorsky, Douglas placed second with a combined total of 849 points.

Also representing Ward County, Clay Carpenter, Granville; Taylor Cattin, Kenmare; Vanessa Fransen, Makoti; Ethan Johnson, Makayla Kraft, Karter Myers, Sarah Potts and Jacob Saunders, all Minot; Mady Spatola, Rock Lake; and Shelsey Brandvold, Ryder.

Senior Barebow Division:

S. Potts placed eighth with a score of 257.

The team of S. Potts, E. Johnson, Minot, Jacob Saunders, Minot and Brooklyn Bloms placed third with a combined total of 736 points.

Junior Freestyle Division:

Brynlee Bloms, Carpio, placed fifth with a score of 140.

Also representing County Ward, Wade Asmundson and Cheyenne Degenstein, both Berthold, Faith Carpenter, Granville; Olivia Johnson, Max; Elizabeth Kraft, Breanna Mindt, Ty Murphy, Gage Schenfisch and Cole Whitcher, all Minot; Stetson Brandvold, Ryder; and Tyson Barden, Surrey

Junior Barebow Division:

Brynlee Bloms placed fourth, with a score of 255 points.

The team of Brynlee Bloms, Minot, Raegen Albert, Ryder and Clara Potts placed third with a combined total of 654 points.

Andrew Miller, Minot, also represented County Ward

Beginner Freestyle Division:

Quade Everson, Minot, won with a score of 136.

Tyson Perdue, Minot, placed fifth with a score of 129.

The team of Everson, Perdue, Hadley Yoder, Minot and Blake Guritz, Surrey, came second with a combined score of 365 points.

Cooper Cattin, Kenmare; Sirena Fransen, Makoti; Grady Mostad and Cason Schenfisch, both Minot; Tabitha Hauge, Surrey; and Dyllyn Tigges, Towner, also represented County Ward

Beginner barebow division:

Everson placed eighth, 207.

Wardshire was represented by Lillyanna Wright, Balfour; Elsa Degenstein, Berthold; Sophia Carlton, Norwich; Taryn Albert, Kendall Janz and Isaiah Wipf, all of Ryder; and Taylor Knoke, Surrey.

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