5 reasons why more women should learn archery

In 2018, I took part in an archery hunt for the first time. I had moved to Colorado two months prior and my boyfriend at the time asked if I wanted to join him on an archery moose hunt. He grew up bowhunting in Minnesota, and although he had hunted elk in Idaho several times, this was the first time he had hunted them as a resident of the West and without his longtime hunting buddies. I had no idea what I was for. After driving five miles into the backcountry, I watched him shoot a bull elk four by four at three in the afternoon. Not only had I never witnessed a successful big game hunt, but I had also never taken down big game. It was an absolutely unforgettable experience. We didn’t get back to his truck loaded with moose meat until one o’clock in the morning. After this hunt, I expressed my interest in bowhunting myself. That same Christmas that same partner gave me a compound bow. I quickly went to town to shoot my new bow, excited to learn more and improve my shooting skills. I have since continued my archery hunts, joined an archery league and purchased my first recurve bow.

This whole experience has been very rewarding. Not only do I feel more capable as a hunter, but I’m a better and tougher target shooter, and I’ve found another activity that I’m passionate about. I also met some other amazing women who do archery along the way. I think archery is something everyone, especially women, should try. These are the main reasons why.

5. Archery increases body awareness and strength

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Before I started archery, I did a lot of yoga. I knew a bit more about body awareness, how to activate small muscle groups and how to keep my breathing regular. However, I noticed an increase in all of these things once I started archery. Also, some of the zen I find in practicing yoga has seeped into my archery training.

Archery practice is a great way to work on your balance, breathing, concentration, mobility and strength. However, you will eventually want to increase your draw weight on your archery course. If you are going to be bow hunting, additional cardio and endurance training will also make hunting season easier for you physically. Caring about how effectively you shoot your bow will increase your fitness, especially if you add other types of exercises to become a complete athlete.

4. Build your community and make new friends

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More than 40 percent of American archery members identify as women. Unfortunately, this is a much higher percentage than the number of women who hunt; this number is a single 10 percent. However, there are about 10,000,000 hunters in America, so at least 1 million are women. It’s a lot!

What these numbers mean is that you’re not alone. Once you try archery, you’ll find that many other women love the sport too. Trying something new is always daunting, but feeling a sense of community and making friends while trying out a new sport is incredibly rewarding. I find it also speeds up your learning.

As I love archery, I started giving lessons for beginners through Uncharted Outdoor Women. The women who participated felt more confident, less alone and more excited for their fall hunting seasons. Watching women get away from a morning like this as an instructor and guide is priceless. These learning opportunities also allow women to connect. Think about looking Women’s archery lessons in your corner of the country; I can’t recommend them enough.

3. Archery will send you down a rabbit hole.

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If you are an equipment enthusiast, archery is a great sport. If you’ve ever hopped on Google or gone to an outdoor store to buy a bow, I’m sure you’ve been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options. There are already a ton of choices between recurve, traditional, and compound bows. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Bows are just one of the things you need for archery. You will also need arrows, fletches, broadheads, field tips, targets, a release and any other attachments that interest you. change your shot. Whether you want light or heavy arrows, fixed or mechanical hunting heads, a 3D Whitetail Deer Target or a box target, trigger or thumb trigger, or any combination of these things, you can start diving into the deep hole of archery equipment options.

Don’t be intimidated by this, however. It’s fun to try out different types of gear and see how it changes your shot. Plus, once you have a bow that’s right for you, you’ll have even more fun shooting it at the range.

2. Archery opens you up to more hunting seasons.

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If you already hunt with a rifle or shotgun, hunting with archery equipment will open up your chances of getting out in the field.. For example, gun elk seasons in Colorado are October through November. However, archery elk season is in September. Not only would picking up an archery elk tag allow you to hunt an extra month per year, but it would also expose you to new habitat types, as elk are much higher early in the season than they are. they are not later. the year.

Archery also invites you to try different shooting methods for the same species. If you’re good at smoking rabbits with a .22 caliber rifle, try hunting them with a bow. If you’ve always shot Dusky Grouse with a 20-gauge shotgun, try hitting them with a judo-tipped arrow while on the ground. You may find that hunting small game or birds with a bow and arrow is an exciting new challenge. Also, the more time you spend with a bow in hand, the better your shooter will be.

1. It’s stimulating

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As I mentioned before, learning archery seemed challenging to me. Today I know archery well, I have met countless other amazing women who love the sport and I have been inspired to continue my archery journey through experiences, people and incredible memories. Being confident, safe, and proficient with a firearm feels good. It’s even better to have more opportunities to share unforgettable outdoor experiences with other outdoor women.

If you’re looking for a new sport, new outdoor friends, or a new way to hunt your favorite species, try archery. This might be exactly what you are looking for.


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