Anthony Albanese prefers ‘turning the boats back’ rather than detention offshore

The Prime Minister pledged to introduce the national anti-corruption body before the 2019 elections, but did not present the proposal until the next elections on May 21.

He said he would not be pressured to introduce a “kangaroo court” which he says is established in NSW at state level.

“What worries me is the circus that Labor would want to set up with an integrity commission, I lived with that in New South Wales,” Mr Morrison told reporters in Launceston. , in Tasmania.

“I’ve seen lives destroyed by a commission like this, which becomes a kangaroo court and circulates and seems to work through politics and shaming people and the proper process that should be properly considered for these important issues .”

The term “kangaroo court” is often used to describe an ad hoc tribunal that has limited power and does not follow normal legal procedures.

Mr Morrison stood alongside Liberal MP Bridget Archer in his Bass constituency, which notably crossed the bench last year in a vote to establish a federal ICAC.

But unlike parliament, Ms Archer and the Prime Minister stood united on Thursday, and she said she understood Mr Morrison must balance the interests of the country with his own, as she is acting for the people of his constituency in Bass .

When Ms Archer was asked if she believed the ICAC NSW was a kangaroo court, she said she did not have enough exposure to the state integrity body to comment.

“I … felt that all political parties agreed that we should have some sort of national integrity body. The disagreement is about what it should look like,” she said.

“Nothing will move forward until the policy is removed – I’ve said that all along.”

The Prime Minister also announced an envelope of $220 million for the forestry industry.

He said his government would never shut down native forestry and would work with state governments to establish permanent timber production areas.

“The pressures on the construction industry and the uncertain international trade situation have made it clear that local wood products and local skills are essential,” he said.

“We are going to turn back the boats”

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese said people trying to arrive in Australia by boat would be turned away to avoid detention overseas.

On the fourth day of the election campaign, Mr Albanese is in Cessnock providing urgent care clinics for the NSW region in what has been a health blitz during the first week of the election campaign.

But when asked whether smugglers from other countries would benefit from Labour’s border policies if elected on May 21, Mr Albanese’s response was clear.

“We’re going to turn the boats back. Turning the boats back means you don’t need detention at sea,” he said.

It comes as the UK announced a first global deal to resettle asylum seekers in Rwanda who have arrived in Britain through the English Channel.

The prime minister has accused Mr Albanese of relying on border protection policies he says he invented.

“I designed the policy of turning back boats. I implemented it. I stood up to criticism day after day, I remember in the 2013 election people were saying it was an inhumane policy . It wouldn’t work. There’s you couldn’t make it happen. I stood firm on that policy,’ Mr Morrison said.

“Anthony Albanese had every position on border protection. He supported everything he opposed and he opposed everything he supported.”

Mr Morrison took the opportunity to hammer home his key message to his opponent that Australians do not know who the Leader of the Opposition is.

“When it comes to border protection, smugglers know who I am.”


Meanwhile, the Greens will be in the NSW Illawarra region to announce a $500 million green steel investment plan to steer Australians away from using coal and gas.

Green steel is made with hydrogen instead of coal, which means its by-product is water and it has the lowest possible carbon footprint.

Further up the NSW coast, Deputy Premier and Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce will be in the Hunter area to make two infrastructure announcements – one at Morisset in Lake Macquarie and one at Newcastle Airport.

With the AAP.

Earnest A. Martinez