Archery club moves after acts of vandalism

The West Rand Bow Hunters Archery Club will move after 13 years to the same address.

It comes after the premises have been plagued by a number of criminal incidents over the past few months, culminating in another incident this week where cables and other steel infrastructure were stolen. Club chairman Fred Baan told The News they never had any problems with crime at the club until about three or four months ago when the incidents started to become frequent. But this week was the worst – cables were ripped from the ground, clubhouse window fittings ripped out, toilets destroyed and the water tank toppled over for criminals to steal the steel structure it was on. stood. Therefore, Baan decided to move the club’s activities to his neighboring farm.

Only the shell of the clubhouse was left after the criminals stripped it of all metal features. Photos submitted.

A club fan described the destruction as “disgusting”. “We are trying to create something positive in our little world here on the West Rand. This club has delivered so many champions of all ages in the sport. I’m so angry at what they did,” he said.

Anyone needing information about the new site can contact Baan on 073 998 3872.

Earnest A. Martinez