Archery in PE class proves beneficial – Inklings News

During PE class, students often expect to engage in a variety of activities that require a significant amount of physical movement. Upon entering my first Junior Mind & Physical Performance course, I was surprised to learn that the course curriculum included an archery unit. Initially, I wasn’t looking forward to this unit; however, it turned out to be a valuable experience.

We started the unit by learning the parts of a bow and arrow as well as the procedures for entering the range and shooting. Finally, I was ready to shoot my first set of three arrows. Much to my dismay, I sent two arrows flying into the curtain behind the blocks with only one arrow barely entering the target. I was immediately not a fan of this device.

During the course, we learned the differences between having a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. We focused on the benefits of having a growth mindset and how this could be applied to archery. We were also taught how our self-efficacy can positively impact our performance. As I developed these skills, my accuracy and precision gradually improved as I shot at greater distances. I also started to enjoy practicing archery.

We were also taught how our self-efficacy can positively impact our performance.

– Meg investigation ’23

In the past, I had found that physical education classes were not always the most beneficial use of my time. Considering I had a three hour swim practice after school every day, I felt like an extra 50 minutes of exercise during PE class was useless.

Despite my past experiences, this course turned out to be a productive use of my time. Although I will never be able to use a bow and arrow again, I learned many valuable lessons from this course that can be applied to other areas of my life. I encourage those who oppose the creation of an archery unit in physical education to think about how they can use the skills related to self-efficacy and mindset growth when faced with a challenge.

Earnest A. Martinez