Archery Opportunity for Upcoming Dinosaurs and Sasquatch at AGFC Archery Range

CONWAY – Archery enthusiasts across Arkansas are invited to shoot some of the most interesting targets and challenging situations offered in the world of bowhunting at R100 being held in the fields Camp Robinson Special Use Area Archery May 13-15. Archery ranges are at 331 Clinton Road in Conway.

The R100 is a special circuit that offers archers a rare opportunity to shoot targets made after dozens of game found in North America and Africa. Two ranges of 50 targets will be set up (Safari Range and North American Range). Among the animals in the game, archers will also find unique targets, including giant mosquitoes, dinosaurs, sasquatchs, and other fun-but-non-existent creatures. Archers looking to test their nerves as well as their skills may also want to try the steel forest challenge, where participants shoot 3D whitetail deer targets through a maze of steel trees that will destroy the arrow on an errant shot. Other specialty shoots will also be offered throughout the weekend to keep things interesting. A special area for children will also provide more fun targets for the young archers present. Participants who wish to shoot crossbows can also register for fun, but their scores will not be displayed or counted in a leaderboard.

The R100 is sponsored by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation, Central Arkansas Bowhunters, and the Arkansas Bowhunters Association, which help administer urban bow hunts in Arkansas along with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission. The 3D archery event helps archers interested in NBTF take the next step towards conservation.

“It’s a fun way for the FENB to engage with archers and get them interested in bowhunting,” said FENB CEO Marilyn Bentz. “We appreciate that these events appeal to youth and adults alike. The unique targets and shooting situations really take these events to the next level.”

Carrie Crawford, state coordinator for the NBEF and coordinator of the AGFC’s Little Rock administrative office, said the ranges will be available Friday noon-dusk, Saturday 7 a.m. and Sunday 7 a.m.-2 p.m. 00. Participants can come and shoot anytime the stands are open during the three days.

Print Headline: Archery Opportunity for Dinosaurs and Sasquatch Coming to AGFC Archery Range

Earnest A. Martinez