Archery Spreads from Cadets to Bob Jones Student Population – The Madison Record

MADISON — Initially, only Air Force JROTC cadets could enroll in archery at Bob Jones High School. Archery provided an additional extra-curricular outlet to enjoy.

However, CMSgt. Aerospace Science Instructor Ellis Q. Clark received several requests from students who were not at AFJROTC to coach an archery club.

“I have been providing (archery) to my cadets for several years. I am the only qualified basic or BAI archery instructor at Bob Jones,” Clark said. Many of the students graduating from Discovery Middle School had enjoyed archery there and wanted to continue at Bob Jones.

“Many students chose not to enroll in JROTC; so archery is kind of dead on the vine for them,” Clark said. As a resolution, Clark organized the Bob Jones Archery Club.

Clark’s decision led to the Bob Jones Archery Team, which competed in the Alabama State Archery Championship in Montgomery on April 7. .

“All of our competitions this season, with the exception of the competition at James Clemens, have required travel to (schools in) Buckhorn, Cullman, Guntersville and Montgomery. When the team travels, I also serve as the team coach and bus driver,” Clark said.

In action, the students take aim at the target that Morrell is making. The target dimensions are 31 inches high, 29 inches wide and 14 inches deep with a pattern of concentric circles numbered 1 through 10. “Students do their best to reach the ’10’ circle in the middle at distances of 10 and 15 yards,” Clark said.

As an instructor, Clark believes the most important shot is the next shot. “I try to instill in every archer that they need to think after each shot so they can make the necessary corrections to get a better shot with each successive arrow,” Clark said. “While some archers take this to heart, a few shoot as fast as they can and don’t hit the target they’re aiming for.”

Some of Clark’s more recent archers have done extremely well in the championship. “I’m always proud of their accomplishments, especially when I know they did their best,” he said.

To qualify for the archery program, students “need the desire to learn, the discipline to be patient as they improve. . . but above all, they must be coachable. When a student lacks any of these things, it not only affects their effectiveness, but the team as well,” Clark said.

At the Alabama State Archery Championship, freshman Jordan Parker was Bob Jones’ top archer, scoring 282 and placing third out of 79 girls.

The following Bob Jones archers have evaluated these championship scores:

* Zachary Calinsky – Scored 266; ranked 28th out of 86 boys; second year.

* Eli Newsome – 263, 26 girls out of 78; second year.

* Evie Waddell – 263, 24 out of 79 girls; first-year student.

* Andrew Park – 263, 40 boys out of 86; second year.

* Hayden Chance – 260, 26 boys out of 73; first-year student.

* Nadda Khezewi — 256, 36 girls out of 78; second year.

* Jasmine Zhang — 249, 42 out of 78 girls; second year.

* Faith Williams – 239, 52 girls out of 78; second year.

* David Peterson – 237, 54 boys out of 73; first-year student.

* Micah Hendricks – 238, 56 boys out of 73; first-year student.

* Brandon Smith – 237, 39 of 48 boys; first-year student.

* Joshua Johnson – 235, 40 boys out of 48; first-year student.

* Jenna Khewzai – 231, 61 out of 78 girls; second year.

* Gwendolyn Sexton — 229, 62 out of 78 girls; second year.

* Pranaav Satheesh — 229, 72 boys out of 86; second year.

* Benjamin Rayburn – 222, 69 boys out of 73; first-year student.

Earnest A. Martinez