Archery stores in WV, Ohio see more sales than previous years

BELPRE, OHIO (WOWK) – As archery season kicks off this weekend in Ohio and West Virginia, local archery shop owners say they are more busy than ever, even with more online sales.

At HP Archery in Belpre, Ohio, they are hitting the bullseye this season with sales.

HP Archery owner Larry Hendershot said they normally start to see a rush before the archery season starts 3-4 weeks in advance. This year, it’s been more like six months.

“We’ve seen our business probably triple this year,” said his son Larry Hendershot Jr.

The archery store near the Ohio and West Virginia border sees customers from both states, and they’ve been coming for six months looking for everything from new bows, arrows and services.

“I’ve probably shot 80 bows this year between crossbows and vertical bows, and we’re dealing with traditional folks as well,” Hendershot said.

Hunters 13 News spoke to inside the store on Tuesday said it’s not the fact that there’s a shortage of ammunition across the country that’s driving them to try sniping. bow instead.

Mark Miller has been a bow hunter for 30 years.

He said he preferred to get up close to the animals and hunt them while they were under less pressure than during gun season.

“Ohio has really good quality whitetail deer, and West Virginia has more and more really good deer,” Miller said.

Larry Hendershot said, “Archers will always be archers,” and the wet year led to some very attractive photos of bucks and white-tailed deer from trail cameras.

Hendershot Jr. thinks the rush could be something else.

“I think people are just ready to go out and do something this year, they’ve been locked down all last year, we’re kind of post-covid, and people are just ready to go out and do something. thing,” he said. .

Archery season begins Sept. 25 in Ohio and West Virginia.

The archery season started on the 4th in Kentucky.

Earnest A. Martinez