Archery supply centers to be set up, talent search July 15-27 | Bhopal News

Bhopal: After developing different games like shooting, hockey, equestrian and water sports, the state sports department decided to make archery flourish in the state. To this end, feeding centers will be launched in the state in the near future.
Sports Minister Yashodhara Raje Scindia said the department was conducting talent searches for Madhya Pradesh Archery Academy, Jabalpur from July 15 to 27 in neighborhoods. “This will help to select talents from rural areas, through which archery supply centers can be established in these areas. Scindia was reviewing today Madhya Pradesh State Archery Academy.
Sports Minister Scindia says children who have dropped out in the process of being eliminated from the academy will be motivated to take NIS framing. She said that these players know the nuances of the game well by staying in the academy, but they are eliminated for not performing well in competitions. “It’s our effort that these players train the young players with their skills by doing NIS coaching,” Scindia said.
Scindia took details of each player’s performance, training and injuries from coach Richpal Singh Salaria. She also led the sporting director, Ravi Kumar Gupta publish an ad for the academy’s strength and conditioning trainer. TNN

Earnest A. Martinez