Arizona’s new archery regulations go into effect as deer archery season begins Aug. 19 | Kingman Miner Daily

PHOENIX – Arizona’s over-the-counter, license-free archery deer hunting opportunity will continue for 2022-23 hunts, but harvest limits have been set per unit and per species, wrote the Arizona Game and Fish Department in a press release.

The changes will allow the AZGFD to better track harvesting and hunter participation.

This approach is consistent with hunting guidelines approved April 1, 2022 by the Arizona Game and Fish Commission.

Harvest limits have been set at 20% of the estimated harvest for one unit and one species.

Failure to declare a harvest, as well as hunting in a closed unit, will be strictly enforced.

All unlicensed and over-the-counter archery deer hunters will be required to report their harvest online or by phone at 623-236-7961 within 48 hours of capturing a deer.

When the number of deer equaling the archery deer harvest limit for a particular unit and species has been reported, that unit will be closed to further archery deer hunting at sunset. sun on the Wednesday immediately following, and will remain closed until August of the following calendar year, the agency explained.

Hunters will be responsible for checking online or by phone at 623-236-7961 before hunting to determine if the desired unit is still open.

The AZGFD website will be continuously updated to reflect the number of deer harvested and if a harvest limit has been reached and if a unit is closed.

For more information, see Arizona Hunting Regulations 2022-23.

Printed versions are available from license resellers statewide.

A valid license and unlicensed tag are required to participate in state bow deer hunts, the AZGFD wrote.

To participate in Arizona’s over-the-counter, license-free archery deer season, hunters must be in possession of a valid Arizona hunting license (or combined hunting license and fishing) and an archery deer without a licence. An archery deer license-free tag can be purchased from a license dealer or at any AZGFD office statewide. An archery deer disallowed tag will remain valid for one calendar year.

Baggage limit

In Arizona, a sportsman can take only one deer per calendar year. If hunters harvest a deer during over-the-counter and unlicensed archery season, they may not harvest another deer (archery or general hunting) in that calendar year.

Compulsory declaration

All successful hunters will be required to provide their name, phone number, hunting license number, license-free tag number, email address, date harvested, number of days hunted, additional units hunted (including days), type of weapon, species of deer harvested, number of points on left and right antlers, and loss of any injured deer.

A physical inspection is not required for an animal harvested during over-the-counter, unlicensed bow deer hunting season.

Season dates

Season dates for over-the-counter and license-free bow hunting deer vary by unit and can be: August 19 to September 8; December 9 to December 31; and/or from January 1 to 31, 2023.

Not all units will be open for all times; hunters can check the status of harvest limits online.

Earnest A. Martinez