Be Careful When Launching Boats – Lake County Record-Bee

Anglers and boaters are concerned about lower Clear Lake levels and fear that public boat ramps will be closed in a few weeks. As of this week, the public ramps still open are Clearlake Oaks, part of Redbud in Clearlake, Lakeside County Park, and Fifth and Third Street in Lakeport.

The fittest ramp is the Fifth Street ramp, but even there boats must exercise caution when launching to ensure the boat trailer does not fall off the end of the ramp. This week there were three instances where trailers fell off the end of ramps and it took a lot of work to get the trailers out of the water. On Thursday morning, the lake level was minus 0.72 feet on the Rumsey gauge and slowly declining. By mid-summer the lake level will likely be above minus 1 foot.

The boats with the most difficulty getting into the water are pontoon boats and heavy pleasure boats. If a trailer falls off the end of the ramp, it could sustain significant damage.

bass fishing

In the fishing scene, the bass bite has slowed down a bit but there are still plenty of anglers catching up to 10 bass a day. Water clarity is very good in many areas and bass can be seen cruising and even soaring above their nests. Spawning is still far from over and this year bass are expected to spawn until August. There was a decent bite on plastic frogs and buzzbaits.

Almost all experienced anglers have complained about a lack of big fish. Even in tournament play, any bass weighing over 5 pounds is a rarity right now. Most fish caught weigh between 1 and 3 pounds.

Other fish

Crappie fishing remains good across much of the lake, so much so that a number of local fishing guides are taking clients out for crappie instead of bass. These customers consume an average of 20 to 30 fish per day. Pretty much all crappie is caught on red and white or black and white crappie jigs.

The catfish action remains very good for the few anglers who follow them. The best bait was night owls caught on the bottom. Some of the catfish caught weigh 20 pounds or more.


The Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) has not stocked the eastern arm of the Russian River with trout for nearly a month and fishing has slowed. The same goes for Upper Blue Lake. It has not been supplied for more than a month. Bass fishing was good for those working a jig slowly along the bottom.

deer season

Zone A deer archery season opens Saturday and ends July 31. Deer hunting with a bow and arrow is growing in popularity, and Lake County has a stable deer herd. Rifle season opens August 13 and ends September 19.


For those who like to hike, a trip to the top of Mount Konocti is worth it. It’s the perfect outing for parents and visitors alike and the scenery is simply spectacular. It’s best to hike early in the morning to beat the heat. Be sure to take plenty of water.

Another great place to visit and enjoy the scenery and wildlife is Clear Lake State Park, located on Soda Bay Road. It is the ideal vacation spot. The park is very clean and the people who work there are extremely friendly and helpful.

Earnest A. Martinez