Believer Archery offers challenges, activities for all levels

Believer Archery offers archers of all skill levels and ages the opportunity to enjoy the sport and participate in other activities.

Deena C. Bouknight – Contributing Writer

When archery clubs in the area dwindled or disappeared, Beau Bishop and his father,

S3DA involves participants walking from station to station to shoot at targets – foam animals – in order to score points.

Dennis Bishop, decided to found Believer Archery, a Scholastic 3D Archery (S3DA) organization. At events such as last weekend’s Realistic 3D Tournament, archers of all skill levels and ages sign up to test their skill at hitting 25 3D targets that resemble various animals. S3DA is similar to golf in that participants walk from station to station and shoot at targets – foam animals – to score points.

“These goals are set to present a challenging course physically, mentally and spiritually. We actually do a shoot about once a month from January to September or so,” Beau Bishop explained.

Believer Archery was launched three years ago as a Christian ministry and activity that can earn participating students scholarship opportunities usually available to traditional athletes, such as soccer players or cross-country runners, but rarely accessible to archers.

Believer Archery shoots involve various activities including opportunities to trade, exchange and sell hunting, fishing or archery equipment, as well as raffles.

“I’ve been involved in archery for about 15 years,” Beau said. “I started competing at the national level and determined that there were programs to involve children. S3DA is a national program that offers students from the age of eight the possibility of accumulating scholarships. A few have gone full circles through Believer Archery over the past few years.

Beau learned archery from his father.

“He got me started when I was little, and I started hunting deer with a compound bow.”

Beau emphasized that Believer Archery is as much about sportsmanship and skill as it is about hearing and sharing the gospel of Jesus.

“Sometimes before our events, a local pastor will give a message and offer a prayer. Whatever the Lord puts on our hearts is what we share with others.

He added: “Our main goal is to spread the gospel and we are doing something we love through this sport. Along with the shoots, we have a printed presentation of the gospel on the course.

Beau has competed nationally through the Archery Association and has achieved up to 45 yards in competition. He placed third nationally this year as shooter of the year.

“The greatest benefit of archery is camaraderie and brotherhood,” Beau said. “We go to events and we could be with 2,000 other shooters. Great people. They help and encourage each other. It’s like a big family. I even met shooters from other countries.

Money raised at Believer Archery events is used to buy food, targets and other supplies for the club. Additionally, donations are made to local charities, such as Baptist Children’s Home.

“Many local families have gotten involved in Believer Archery, and we’ve had people from surrounding counties and states come to our events,” Beau said. “It is the only club of its kind in this region.”

More information about Believer Archery is available on its social media sites or by emailing Believer [email protected]

Earnest A. Martinez