Best duck hunting boats for 2021

Summer is here, but the season if closing fast in faster than our top pick duck boats.

There was a time, not too long ago, when ducks were simple. That time has passed. Today’s waterfowl hunting vessels are built for specific purposes, and manufacturers offer a host of accessories that allow you to trick out your watercraft and make every hunt a memory that won’t be soon forgotten. . After all, what could be better than enjoying the waterfowl action while listening to crackling bacon and sipping a hot cup of joe while waiting for the morning flight? Now all you need is a boat and finding a fall 2021 companion that will make every duck quest that little bit more special.

SeaArk Mud Runner 180 Boats

Measuring 18 feet and marked with a weight capacity of 1,100 pounds, the SeaArk Mud Runner 180 will take you where you want to go. The boat is constructed from durable .125-gauge marine-grade aluminum, and it features transverse and longitudinal ribs that add strength when navigating through stump-infested waters. A 3/16-inch center keel provides extra support to the bottom of the boat without affecting performance, and EXT (Extreme Turn Technology) just sweetens the pot. A Timber Runner set is available for those looking to create the ultimate mud runner. From $23,377 |

Excel Boats Viper F4

excel boats viper f4

Designed to go where humans don’t belong, Excel’s Viper F4 is equipped with sturdy gunwales that can take serious beatings in the backcountry. Designed for use with an outboard motor, the optional KIK-UP transom dual gas shocks absorb underwater impact on your lower unit and keep you going. The brilliantly designed step provides easy entry and exit, and the boat is equipped with multiple seat bases. The boat’s control panel is located near the driver to allow easy access to the interior pair of lights, bilge, running lights and the front spotlight option switch. Available in 16, 17, and 18 foot lengths, the Viper F4 can be customized exactly the way you want. From $16,500 |

Sporty War Eagle 2372LDSV

Sportboat War Eagle 2372ldsv

The largest of War Eagle’s Sportsman line, the 2372LDSV is big and bold. Roomy for your duck hunting companions, their decoys and all the gear needed for a close-footed hunt, this fully welded aluminum boat is as tough as it gets. Popular with guides and those who like extra amenities, the 2372LDSV is 23.1 feet long and 72 inches in diameter. The boat comes standard with a trio of low foredeck baseplates, high aft deck baseplate, in-floor gas tank tray, metal gas tank cover and many other features. The boat is available in OD or solid brown. Price varies by model |

Gator Tail Predator Series

Gator Tail Predator Series Duck Boat

Designed to be a high performance all-around duck, Gator Tail’s Predator Series turns heads. Marrying the best parts of the Extreme and Savage series, this rig will cross rivers, swamps and open water with ease. The bottom of the boat has been designed for increased rotation and stick, console and tiller steering drive options are available. The one-piece hull is constructed from 0.125″ 5086 aluminum and the side and rear risers are 24 inches. The four foot deck is fitted with a pedestal base and below deck storage is available. The Predator is available in 17 and 18 foot lengths, and countless customization options are available. From $22,402 |

Xpress Boats Tactical Series (XTS)

xpress duck boats xts

Featuring an all-new construction that can’t be ignored, the Xpress Tactical Series (XTS) was built with laser-like precision and was specifically designed to give the duck a more open floor plan, a narrower beam and a wider bottom. . Designed to handle less favorable conditions, the deep V design provides a smooth ride on open water so you can access backwater duck holes. Other upgrades include a redesigned transom and center keel, and the Seelite LED lighting system mounted on the front of the boat makes the water and surrounding scenery shine. The Tactical Series (XTS) weighs 551 pounds and has a transom height of 21 inches. The maximum load is 423 pounds and the 16-foot boat rides on a BlackTrack trailer. Custom upgrades are available. XTS16 with Yamaha F25LWHC $11,995 |

Gator Trax Gator Camp Boats

gator trax gator camp duck boat

A floating duck fortress, the Gator Camp by Gator Trax is the ducks’ bee’s knees. The 10.5ft by 6ft cockpit is spacious and comes equipped with interior storage shelves, gun racks and racks for hanging additional gear. Brush rail hoses run the full length of the boat for extra blending and a hog wire wrap aids concealment. The hull measures 18′ x 84″ and a stowage hatch on the foredeck is ideal for carrying additional accessories. Sharkeye navigation lights promise solid illumination and a stabilizer kit has been added to all four corners to improve stability. $14,580 |

Go-Devil 18×38 Duck Hunting Boat

go-devil 18x38 duck hunting boat

Go-Devil boats have been luring waterfowl fanatics to and from their favorite duck holes for decades. Those who like to reduce travel time and jump on the water will turn to the 18×38 duck hunting boat. Go Devil’s fastest rig, this 430-pound rig sports all-aluminum construction and a smooth bottom design to prevent snagging on mud, stumps, or other debris in the water. The grab bar will be appreciated for gliding over choppy waters and the large storage box will hold a litany of gear. The boat comes with a 10 or 12 foot push pole and top running lights make your surroundings shine. $5,495 |

Pro-Drive Boats Wooden Bridge

pro-drive wooden deck duck

Designed for those who fill the confines of flooded wood, Pro-Drive’s Wood Deck comes with a fully flush non-slip floor design and construction that uses 5086 marine grade aluminum sheets. Adding to the shape construction are 1″ x 1″ extrusion welded ribs that run the full length of the boat then blend with 2″ x 2″ square tubing and 1″ x 2″ rectangular tubing every 10 inches to provide additional strength to bottom ribs, floor and sidewalls. Pro-Drive’s heavy-duty gunnel with T-Rail system is included, as is a rear driver’s seat, six-way illuminated control panel and six-way multi-position storage seat. Many TD models are available in 18 and 20 foot options. From $26,000 |

Boats G3 16 NSP

G3 duck boats 16 DK

Built to make your duck dreams come true, the 16 DK from G3 Boats features an all-aluminum, fully-welded .100-caliber hull. Measuring 16.5 feet long, this craft will carry up to three Duck Killers, and color choices of Desert Brown, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass, and Mossy Oak Break-Up are available. The interior is Dyna-Grip and multiple portable and mid-range Yamaha motors can be attached. The 16DK is long on storage – a foredeck compartment and large lockable box store plenty of gear and doubles as a seat along the port side wall. The rig rides on a Trail Guard galvanized tubular steel Bear trailer with a removable lockable tongue. From $14,900 |

Havoc Boats DB

Havoc Duck Boats DB

A must-have rig, Havoc’s DB is available in 15, 16, 17, and 18 foot models. The aluminum diamond-plate floor reduces slippage, and the eight-degree hull, I-Beam ribs, and T-Lock Gunnel rail make every model worth its salt on duck water. Standard options include a Mercury 40HP four-stroke engine, EZ Trac steel trailer and factory installation. Of course, Havoc knows most duck-nuts don’t just go standard, and a host of custom options like a recessed control panel, green light package, removable gun box, and rails. The bow, to name a few, are yours to choose. $13,627 Standard package |

Beavertail Stealth 2000 Sneak Boat

Stealth 2000 Beavertail Duck

Complete with a foam-padded dog platform, this boat features a wide catamaran-style bottom that makes sitting or standing extremely safe and easy. Able to float in just four inches of water, the 460-pound capacity boat can be propelled with a pole, paddles or an electric trolling motor. Tie-down slots are found front and rear, and the interior is fitted with dual interior gun and shell racks. Blind options are available. $999 |

Puddler Carstens

Carstens puddler duck

A one-person craft that you can trick out with a few optional accessories, Carstens Puddler is lightweight and shallow. The cockpit measures 24″ x 64″ and the overall length of the boat is 10 feet. At just 80 pounds, this boat can be launched anywhere, and once on the water, you can easily glide through ducks. $970 |

mallard marine swamp rat

Mallard Marine Swamp Rat Duck Boat

Perfect for low cover areas, Mallard Marine’s original Marsh Rat sports an open floor design, making it easier for you to disappear when cover is at a premium. Roto-molded from high-density polyethylene, you’ll run out before this boat does, and the wide, stable base makes carrying lures and shooting easy. $689 |

Earnest A. Martinez