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The Bighorn Archery Club drew a crowd last week for its first shoot in two years.

About 20 people showed up last Wednesday night to target the Stan Halcro Agriplex targets. Club president Allen Pickering said he was pleased with the turnout, especially the large number of young people who came forward.

“It was great for the first opening after two years. What was most impressive was the number of kids that were there,” Pickering said. “I was very happy with the participation, it was very rewarding.”

Freddie Boutilier, 8, and his brother Oscar, 11, had fun knocking down the targets with their arrows. Oscar said he and his sister would shoot at Bighorn with their dad Mike, but took a break after starting hockey. With hockey ending for the season, he said they wanted to give archery another try.

“I liked being the first to get a target on one of the targets,” Freddie said.

Both are excited to come and improve their archery skills. Freddie said his goal was to hit the model deer “in the eyeball” while Oscar wanted to nail the club’s moving target.

Their father said sports are a great activity to do in the evenings after work. “I think it brings everyone together and it’s good for a small town to have these kinds of clubs,” he said. “It’s great to see (my kids) having fun. Whether they hit the target or not, it’s nice to see.

Lifelong archer Kerry Neilson, who gave advice to new and young archers, said he loved watching his grandson Jaxon Taylor try his hand at shooting.

“I worked as an instructor most of my life at a college where I taught young people how to weld, so I like to show young people the way,” Nielson said. “I think Bighorn Archery is the perfect setting to learn archery. We have plenty of spare gear.

The club meets every Wednesday at 7 p.m. at the Agriplex. The first two shoots are free. Membership is reduced this year to $50 per family of four and $30 for adults.

Pickering said he hopes the momentum from the first shoot carries over to the rest of the season, with more members signing up.

“It’s a fairly inexpensive sport as a family sport and it’s a great activity,” he said. “It’s a sport that you can progress at your own pace.”

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