Broom Boats aims to achieve net zero with site redevelopment

3:18 pm March 22, 2022

One of Norfolk’s oldest shipyards plans to redevelop to meet its goal of reaching net zero while encouraging locals to enjoy the River Yare.

Broom Boats, which was founded in 1898, will replace many of its old buildings to modernize the site and become more environmentally friendly.

Antony Howell, Managing Director of Broom Boats, said: “As a business, we are looking at achieving 10 goals to help us get to net zero, to help us realize that we can’t stay the way we are with these old buildings and the old heating methods, we therefore wish to redevelop the entire site by removing these buildings and moving towards floating pontoons within the marina.

“Wherever we can retrofit buildings, we will have solar panels on the roofs and micro wind turbines on the building, creating pockets of energy.”

In addition to its aim to revamp the site, Brundall-based businesses also aim to attract people from the local community to enjoy the marina.

Mr Howell said: “It was quite evident that people in and around Brundall weren’t allowed or thought they could get in the water. So we gradually opened that up so people can go down.

“One of the first things we did was set up a kiosk under the name Broom, partnering with the Food Vault to deliver the food. It gave us the opportunity to say to locals, ‘Look , you can come and have a coffee and get some food.’ All of a sudden they’re down by the river and we feel like we’re part of the community as well.”

The company offers holiday and day boats to locals and tourists from further afield. He has also taken over a local pub, which he plans to reopen this summer and will cater to both locals and tourists.

Mr Howell added: ‘We are a business that has been around since 1898 in Brundall, we should be incorporated in Brundall and people should feel they have access to being here.’

Earnest A. Martinez