‘Chasing Perfection’ explores archery’s journey to greatness

Perfection is the goal of every bow hunter.

The crew at Become 1in the same way First archerydive into every stage of great archery and bowhunting. From crafting the bow to the mental game needed to execute the ideal shot, there are countless variables that must align. Whether it’s archery or target shooting, the goal is perfection.

Prime gives us insight into the trial and error involved in making a modern compound bow. Innovation is at the forefront, but can there be a perfect arc?

The Become 1 team then take us out into the field with them to bow white-tailed deer, providing insight into the stress, emotions and mental acrobatics involved. What happens when everything goes wrong?

From target shooters to big game hunters, this film aims to give you a better understanding of what goes on in the minds and hands of archers.

Is the pursuit of perfection realistic?

Runtime: 42 minutes

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By Rachelle Schrute

As a fifth-generation Montanese, Rachelle Schrute comes from a long line of western hunters and fishers. Born in western Montana, she spent countless days hunting elk and mountain trout with her family. She is heavily involved in conservation and wildlife management practices in Montana and has held leadership positions with several conservation organizations. Rachelle is a certified wilderness first responder and often spends her summers as a wilderness guide in Yellowstone National Park. When she’s not testing gear or writing, you can likely find her hunting, hiking, fishing, and cooking wild game with her two children.

Themes: Adventure, Hunting/Fishing

Key words: bowhunting, archery, video, hunting perfection

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