City council bans shooting archery devices in town

SAN ANGELO, Texas — In a unanimous vote, the San Angelo City Council approved an amendment to the city ordinance prohibiting archery equipment within city limits, except for property personal. It will also impose an offense if an arrow leaves your property.

This involves Chapter 8 of the city’s “Offences and Nuisances” ordinance, regarding “airguns, firearms and weapons”.

San Angelo Police Department Deputy Chief of Police Tracy Fincher presented the proposal to regulate archery in the city of San Angelo and bring the article into compliance with Texas laws.

In a report to city council, a recent incident involving an archery device in a residential area of ​​the city prompted a review of the section of the city ordinance dealing with “air pistols, firearms and weapons “.

Deputy Chief Fincher explains: “At the end of last year, we had an incident where an archery enthusiast shot an arrow into his neighbour’s roof. When the agents responded, we realized after review that we had nothing to fix this problem. »

A letter to the city council opposing the amendment says: “Archery equipment is the only way for a hunter, like myself and many others, to legally harvest deer inside the city ​​limits.”

The letter writer also says, “I wholeheartedly agree with the need for a law on the books to allow law enforcement to hold a person accountable for actions with sniper equipment. arc that result in personal injury or property damage. However, I also feel the need to voice my opinion in favor of continuing to allow the use of archery equipment within certain city limits. There are a number of large tracts of land, so the landowner and the health of the deer herd would be negatively affected by the banning of archery equipment.

The documents made available by the city explain: “Due to public safety concerns related to this activity, this amendment regulates the firing of archery devices within the city limits by creating a violation of the crosses of projectile into the property of another.”

City Ordinance Sec. 8.02.001 defines an archery device as “Any bow, compound bow, longbow, crossbow, crossbow pistol or other device capable of firing an arrow or bolt. Archery devices do not must not include toys.

Earnest A. Martinez