CJ archery team aims for national championships | KSNF/KODE

CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Another local group of archers are getting ready for a big trip.

20 students from Carl Junction’s archery team aim to win a national title.

“I’m really excited about it. It’s just amazing that we have this opportunity to go and I’m glad we’re going together,” said 5th grader Kallie Fredrickson.

The Carl Junction Intermediate Division archery team, made up of fourth and fifth graders, spent Wednesday night preparing for the national championships.

“It changed me a lot, like concentration. I have been more responsible. By doing archery, my grades have increased a lot. It helped me more mentally and physically,” said 5th grader Brody Allen.

“I learned self-respect and respect for others and I learned how to be a good sportsman. And I learned a lot of responsibility,” said Kallie Fredrickson, a 5th grader who goes to national championships .

The 19-student team hits 3D targets and hits the bullseye at the Twin Groves Event Center in Webb City.

“I’m really zoned out. As soon as I get to the line, I check everything, then I close my eyes for four or five seconds. I don’t know how it’s going, but I’m banding together and doing everything I’ve been taught,” Allen said.

They aren’t the only ones competing in the Nationals – 11th grader Dalton Wooldridge took 9th place in 3D shooting.

“Form is key. So do the same thing every time. It will help you in the long run. If you do the same thing every time, you can get tighter groups,” Wooldridge said. ” It feels good. My team supported him a lot. And I’m really excited.

The students leave in two weeks for the national scene.

“We went to the national championships four out of five times. This is the first time we’ve brought a state championship back to Carl Junction. And then he followed with a runner-up. If we can stay in the bullseye,” said Tami Fredrickson, assistant coach. “It’s absolutely brilliant. We have an amazing group of kids.

The Intermediate Division archery team ranked 17th in the nation out of 646 teams in the bullseye – and third in 3-D.

They will shoot competitively in Sandy, Utah on April 29-30.

Earnest A. Martinez