CMN Farm Youth Archery Camp Returns

“Archery has become so popular in schools, you know, in after-school programs, beacon programs, those types of activities where they really got into archery.”

OKMULGEE, Oklahoma – The Muscogee (Creek) Nation Youth Farm Archery Camp returns after a successful year in 2021. The camp is open to all students ages nine and older and offers cultural activities, 3D targets, native longbow, fixed targets and fishing.

The camp is run in conjunction with MCN Agriculture and Natural Resources Division, MCN Conservation District and Okmulgee County Extension Office.

Last year’s camp was the first time it had been held in three years. The event organizers expected 25, maybe 30 students to register. The actual number was closer to 75.

According to CMN youth agriculture program director Billy Haltom, his phone kept ringing last spring asking if the archery camp was coming back. Haltom received calls from places as far away as Pouteau and Moore.

“Archery has become so popular in schools. You know, in after-school programs, beacon programs, those types of activities, they really got into archery. Haltom said.

The event is a great way to reach students who may not be participating in other programs or activities. “They may not be athletes. They may not be members of the FFA, it kind of attracts a group of young people who may not stand out in a school system, so to speak,” Haltom said. “We’re getting a different group of kids, we’re getting a group of them, and they’re really looking for an opportunity or a chance to show what they can do.”

Archers will be grouped with their peers according to their skill level at camp. The skill levels of camp participants range from novice to advanced. According to Haltom, the camp saw experienced archers who own their equipment and beginners who may have never picked up a bow before.

Haltom’s favorite aspect of camp is the people he attracts and the hard work that goes into housing him. “When it’s all over, and we’re all sitting there smiling at each other looking at each other and saying, ‘Look at the wonderful job we’ve done,'” Haltom said.

The camp will be in a new location, the Looped Square Ranch in Okmulgee. This will allow more space for courses and targets.

Registration will end once the number of registered participants reaches 100. According to Haltom, the camp cannot safely accommodate students above this amount.

The archery camp will take place on July 12 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lunch and snacks will be provided.

The pre-registration deadline to receive a free t-shirt is June 24.

Registration can be completed by mail, email or phone call. Contact Billy Haltom at (918) 732-7628 or email: [email protected] for more information.

Earnest A. Martinez