Core Keeper Sunken Sea biome update adds boats and teleporters

The first big content update is coming in June

Core Guardian, an underground survival game with single-player and co-op play, could use more content — a lot more. I say this as someone who was addicted to this setup of cave carving, base building and exploration for a dozen hours, until I reached the point where I felt really exploited. I wanted a reason to play more, and developer Pugstorm will have one in june – when is it Core Guardian gets its Sunken Sea biome update.

A big part of the game’s initial appeal is finding your place in this underworld, so having a distinct new area with “large bodies of water and islands” sounds appealing. To make these hikes a little more fluid, there will be many boats. Players won’t need to lay winding bridges to get from island to island. (Although you can still build them in no time.)

Beyond the biome itself, Core GuardianThe Sunken Sea update also features “more of everything,” in the classic Steam Early Access game sense. Pugstorm posted an overview image.

What’s new with the Sunken Sea update

The Sunken Sea update has a bit of everything.

The lack of enemy types stood out during my time with Core Guardian, and it’ll be fun to track down – and try to kill – another intimidating Titan boss. Having more plants and recipes will help encourage the farming aspect of the game, especially with sprinklers in the mix. As it is, my food supply is sort of on autopilot, and any kind of reshuffling would help.

In the quality of life category, I’m most excited about teleporters and map markers.

Even with an extensive rail network, far-flung journeys, like into the wilds of Azeos, can really add up. I also think almost any game with a map could benefit from some form of counters, especially a survival game like Core Guardianwhich is to fill the map – determine where each biome generally lives – by exploration.

Overall, this update is what I had in mind for the future of Core Guardian. It’s a cool game; it just needs more. If Pugstorm continues, I’m hopeful for a full 1.0 release.

Core Keeper Cooperative Fishing
Multiplayer is one of the main draws right now.

Dedicated servers are now an option

The Sunken Sea update is slated for June, but first, a note on dedicated servers.

From now onplayers will have the ability to operate their own dedicated servers for multiplayer worlds accessible anytime without requiring a host to be in-game. If dedicated servers aren’t for you, you’ll be happy to hear that in-game player-hosted multiplayer is still available at any time, and that now uses Steam’s network back-end when connecting players – fixing many network issues reported by users. We’ve also added a new admin feature that will give players the ability to kick people from their worlds on both dedicated servers and player-hosted games.

If you want to host your own dedicated server, you can do so using Core Guardian‘s own dedicated server hosting application, which can be run from the Tools menu in your Steam library.

I did not touch Core Guardian co-op again, but multiplayer is one of main selling points for this so-called “top-down terrariumslive. Options are appreciated.

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