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From their garage on Milady Road in Carthage, Samantha Marsh and Joseph Cimarello hope to build a legacy in the archery and outdoor outfitting industry.

The couple run Cross-Tracks Archery, where they sell, install and service any brand of archery equipment, as well as archery lessons. It’s now a part-time business, supported by their full-time jobs, but Mr Cimarello said it’s been a very popular store since it opened in 2017.

“I offer lessons and training, I offer full service to any brand of bow, I am non-binary for archery businesses,” Cimarello said.

He opened his shop after seeing a hole in the local market. A nearby store had recently closed and the remaining option was not known for customer service.

Mr. Cimarello said his vision is to open a fair shop for the customer and provide the know-how and expertise to make every visitor’s journey a positive one.

“I make sure I don’t scam people,” he said. “I’m value conscious, and if I have a good deal, I can pass it on to the customer.”

He said that mindset has helped develop a stable, passionate and loyal customer base, around 100 regulars in the summer of 2021. Most of his customers are regulars, who come every year to have their bows adjusted. or train their children.

“We haven’t really been in business that long, but I think we’re doing relatively well,” he said.

Archery hunting and competitive archery, known as 3D archery, is popular in the north of the country, Cimarello said.

He continued to say that competitive archery comes and goes with the trends of the day, but bowhunting mostly remains a regular hobby no matter what.

There are also recreational archers, people who don’t hunt or compete but like to practice their shooting and enjoy the sport.

“It’s quite relaxing,” Mr. Cimarello said.

The archery crowd is seasonal in nature, but recreational archers are most often active during the summers.

Archery has always been a passion for Mr. Cimarello since a young age. These years of experience are what he says have helped him the most in building his business.

“It’s more a matter of skill than anything else,” he said.

He has specialized tools for working and installing arches, including an arch press, which can range from $400 to $2,000. Everything is set up in his garage at the moment, and he only opens the business in the evenings and on weekends to work around his day job.

The goal, he said, is to eventually buy a storefront and expand his services to more than just archery.

“We’re working on becoming a full-fledged sporting goods store,” he said.

The couple want to expand into gunsmithing and other outdoor-focused sporting goods, becoming the local small business’ answer to big-box stores like Gander Outdoors.

“We’ve lost a lot of those types of businesses lately, and national chains like Gander Outdoors aren’t staying either,” he said.

Mr Cimarello says the north of the country has a unique love of the outdoors that should allow a business like this to thrive, but for some reason archery-specific stores have started to leave the region. Even as far north as St. Lawrence County, Mr. Cimarello said he has seen many stores close that have served generations of archers.

Nowadays, however, Mr Cimarello said it has become easier than ever to obtain the correct bowhunting licenses, which has led to something of a resurgence in the market.

Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, the NYS Bowhunter Education course began offering an online version in 2020, something that seems to persist.

Mr Cimarello said he saw a large number of new clients this year between the ages of 21 and 35, people who were able to take the online course and get into bowhunting.

“It attracted a lot more people, people who hadn’t had time to take the course or weren’t willing to travel and sit in a room to take it,” he said. declared.

This growth has helped drive the business forward, and Cimarello hopes they can expand into new areas soon. For now, he happily serves as many customers as he can find.

“It’s been good, a relatively good season,” he said.

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