Electric car batteries used for private boats

Navigating in crystal clear water is an invaluable benefit for the environment, and electric boats will provide a very positive solution.

There is much talk about global warming and the devastating impact on life on Earth if temperatures rise more than 1.5°C by 2050 compared to the pre-industrial era. The temperature will generate a rise in sea level due to the melting of the poles and the consequences for the animal and plant species present in the water will also be severe due to the modification of their habitat conditions. Familiar sargassumseaweed that has separated from the ocean floor and floats to the surface in large quantities, This is a result that we can already assume In warm seas like the Caribbean.

But water is affected not only by temperature, but also by waste pollution Man leaves millions of tons of plastic in its most diverse states, and with it Transit of combustion engine boats, and which, for the most part, are at the origin of the great transcontinental transport of goods in the world. Pollution is generated by the contact and noise of gases, final oils and fuels emitted by engines, which is also another form of pollution. during EpidemicThe world watched in amazement and checked, how The waters of Venice have become very clear and dolphins have also started to appear there.

The batteries are the same as those used in the i3 series of electric models from automaker BMW.

loss Hydrogen Project go quickly towards big shipand more related to Electricity seen as the solution to Medium and small boats. And it is in this area, that of cruise ships and personal launches, that Austrian shipyard Frauscherpromoted a line of 100% Electric Boat In which the same batteries are used as those present in electrified cars.

East 740 Mirage AirThe development of a very successful brand boat, which includes Torqeedo. Manufactured by Deep Blue EngineA German electric mobility company that marinates water during The battery used in BMW’s i3 electric model. This engine has an innovative continuous power system 100kWwhich allows the 740 Mirage Air to reach speeds of up to 50 km/h.

Deep Blue Tech Torquido Engine enters the world of sailing with this high-end outboard
The Deep Blue tech torquido engine enters the world of sailing with this Premuim outboard

dark blue technology It is an automotive standard produced for the first time for serious yachts. The manufacturer offers a nine-year battery warranty as well as a remote maintenance service based on state-of-the-art software.

Son Two lithium-ion batteries of 40 kWh each of capacity, which are placed at the back of the boat, and which make it possible to cover the distance Up to 36 km/h at top speed. However, if you want to drive 100 km or more, you can drive at a moderate speed. system 230 V. load at 3.3 kW per hour or 9.9kW per hour with optional 400V fast charge.

This boat has a central command post, which allows a better distribution and use of interior spaces. Compared to its predecessor, the Frauscher 740 Mirage, the new yacht, 7.47m long and 2.50m wideHas large open spaces, with side seats, lounge chairs and traditional seating, which allows for ample space 8 passengers.

Europe's lakes could be submerged if pollution from motorboats is not dealt with quickly
Europe’s lakes could be submerged if pollution from motorboats is not dealt with quickly

In terms of equipment, it has a JL Audio sound system, bow thruster, electric winch with chain and stainless steel anchors, refrigerator drawer, lighting ambience and a large teak floor. This, in addition to being an electric boat, combined with the cost of propulsion and energy storage elements, considered this boat to be in Luxury yacht category. It is a premium small boat and its price reflects this, as its price starts From 232,720 euros.

Still considering that this type of private nautical vehicle is expensive in itself, it is a solution that has been presented Laws that are increasingly under pressure from environmental organizations to prohibit all forms of navigationBut especially the one that is done with motor boats in the waters of European lakes.

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