Eliminator Boats On A Roll With 31XO Speedster Deliveries And Orders

With four models delivered to date and eight more on order, the all-new Speedster from Eliminator Boats the line – the 31XO Speedster, the X stands for extra wide with a 118-inch beam and the O stands for outboard only – has been an undeniable success. The four 31XO models were ordered with two mercury race 450R Motors and all four customers were blown away with the fit and finish, performance and overall look of their boats.

Tim Newton is excited to start enjoying his new Eliminator Boats 31XO Speedster powered by twin Mercury Racing 450R engines on his waterway, Lake Havasu. Photos courtesy of Eliminator Boats/Tom Leigh copyright Tommy Pistol Images

Although the new model took a little longer than expected to complete with delays generated by the pandemic, the company completed four of the new 31ft catamarans in 2021, presenting the first last April in 2021 Desert Storm Poker Tower in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and recently completed delivery of Tim Newton’s 31XO Speedster, which was on site for the Eliminator Boats regatta in late October on Lake Havasu, although some parts of its interior had only been completed. early this month.

Newton, who officially took delivery of his red, white and black beauty just over a week ago, has owned his fair share of Eliminator models – the midcabin 31XO Speedster is his fourth to be exact – and he’s delighted to start using and discovering his new boat. His previous boat from the builder of Mira Loma, Calif., was a 2019 27 Speedster walk-through with two Mercury Racing 300R engines. Before that, he owned a Daytona 30 and a Daytona 27.

“The new 31XO Speedster isn’t as crazy as my 27 Speedster in terms of graphics – I wanted to be a bit more understated this time around – but everywhere this boat has been so far people are going crazy about it” , said Newton. , who spends most of his time boating on Lake Havasu and hopes to play a few poker games, including the Desert Storm event in April and the Lake Powell Challenge in northern Arizona in mid-September. “I haven’t had much opportunity to drive the boat. Jake and Chris rode it Friday during the regatta and I rode it to Pirate Cove Resort the Saturday. We didn’t dial it but Jake ran it 110 mph during the regatta. It also did amazing 360 degree turns at 60 mph and the boat was as flat as it could be.

“I’m delighted to have a bigger and wider boat to tackle rougher waters,” he added. “We took our 27 Speedster to Lake Powell for the poker run a few years ago and got beat up in the straits. The 31 should fare much better.

Enjoy more images of Newton’s 31XO Speedster in the slideshow above.

Newton said he was looking forward to testing different propellers and dialing in the boat with help from the Eliminator team as well as Adrian Barrett from Barrett Custom Navy in the city of Lake Havasu.

“Working with the Eliminator team has been great,” he added. “I think the fit and finish just keeps getting better. There were several delays in the build process, but a lot of it was out of Eliminator’s control. ‘together.

Newton’s 31XO Speedster has four seats up front, a J.L. Audio sound system, a custom CNC mat kit, a strong carbon fiber tie rod, Shaun Torrente Race brackets, a four-person intercom system, and Garmin GPS display screens in the dash and one in the front seat headrests.

“Tim has always been a great customer,” said Mark Baker of Eliminator. “He knows the construction process very well and is always patient and understanding. We can’t wait to see his boat on the water this year.

Baker added that things have been buzzing at Eliminator recently, as the custom boat maker has 26 different boats in production and nearly 50 boats on order. “We are looking to deliver 30 boats in 2022, it will be a busy year,” he said.

In late 2021, Eliminator also delivered a full carbon/Kevlar-wrapped 31XO Speedster midcuddy model, powered by two Mercury Racing 450R engines to customers Victor and Kathleen Granillo. Featuring a carbon fiber tie rod and hardware, GatorStep Flooring and bright green gelcoat, the 31-footer also includes a custom stereo with a pair of unique telescoping hatch speaker pods that lift up to project sound aft and to the sides of the boat.

The Granville Carbon Kevlar 31XO Speedster

The Granville Carbon Kevlar 31XO Speedster

Check out the slideshow above for images of the Granillo and Harnden 31XO Speedsters.

Another carbon/kevlar Speedster 31XO delivered last year – Ron Harnden’s blue, yellow and black beauty which is featured in Speed ​​magazine’s On The Water 2021 Year In Review – has been well received by its owner who lives in Lake Havasu City and ordered the 31-footer early in the new model’s development process, though he’s unsure whether or not he would like an outboard-powered boat.

After taking delivery of the company’s second 31-footer in July and having had the chance to learn the twin Mercury Racing 450R powerboat since then, Harnden seems very pleased with his decision.

“The boat is so beautiful and her performance is amazing,” he said. “He’s super responsive and so smooth on the water.”

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