Fassmer launches the construction of two SVK ships for the German Navy

by Kate Tringham

View of the building block with section 5 of the first SVK ship for Germany. (WTD 71/Thomas Wallner)

Construction work has begun on two new German Navy Seeversuch Küste (SVK) coastal trial support boats ordered for the Bundeswehr naval trial and trial unit WTD 71.

In an August 7 announcement, the Bundeswehr said a keel-laying ceremony for the two boats took place at the Western Baltija Shipbuilding shipyard in Klaipėda, Lithuania, on June 22.

The two SVK boats are being built under a contract worth 95 million euros ($97 million) awarded to Fassmer by the German Federal Office for Equipment, Information Technology and of the Bundeswehr In-Service Support (BAAINBw) on July 22, 2021.

Hull construction is taking place at Western Baltija Shipbuilding’s facilities in Lithuania, after which the boats will be transferred to Fassmer’s shipyard in Bern, Germany for outfitting. According to current plans, the first boat will be transferred to the Fassmer yard for fitting out in October 2022, followed by the second boat in December 2022. The first boat is expected to be handed over to the Bundeswehr in June 2023, followed by the second boat in November 2023.

The new boats have been designed according to civil standards but taking into account the special requirements of military research and trials. They will have an overall length of 50m, a beam of 11m, and will be fitted with a crane and an A-frame aft. To ensure the high degree of maneuverability required for the trials, the boats will each receive two 360° rotatable rudder propeller controls and two bow thrusters. Two 20-foot containers can be placed on the main deck aft to accommodate test equipment.

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Construction work has begun on two new German Navy Seeversuch Küste (SVK) Coastal Trial Support Units…

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