Flying boats, city cats and the future of Africa’s largest wetland

Nearly one in three people in the world suffer from hunger – and that figure is expected to rise as the war in Ukraine upends the food supply.

In this week’s Landscape News roundup, we look at the challenges and potential solutions to the global food crisis, as well as Africa’s newest canal, Stockholm’s ‘flying ferries’ and more.


Dom Phillips at the microphone near Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro during a breakfast meeting with journalists. Marcos Correa, Presidency of the Republic

The high-profile murder of a journalist and Indigenous activist has drawn global attention to the immense dangers of environmental advocacy. We asked a leading Amazon lawyer to piece together the big picture.

Amid climate chaos, it’s a tough time to raise children. Here are six new picture books to teach toddlers about our complicated relationship with nature while nurturing glimmers of hope.


Temperatures across Japan during a heat wave in 2007. nofrills, Flickr
Temperatures across Japan during a heatwave in 2007. No frills, Flickr

There is a common thread running through heat waves in japan, floods in australia, mudslides in indiaand both Drought and glacier collapse in Italy: the climate crisis.

Snow is already melting at one of the highest observatories in the world in the Austrian Alps, more than a month earlier than ever.

worrying, methane gets more potent as the planet heats up – much more than previously thought.

Brazil has broke another deforestation record in the first half of 2022. Meanwhile, the climate crisis is take a permanent toll on US national parks.


Growing legumes can add nitrogen to soils.  i am gabriel, Unsplash
Growing legumes can add nitrogen to soils. i am gabriel Unsplash

We can still feed the world using far less chemical fertilizersscientists have found.

Los Angeles and Mumbai are the only two megacities where big cats thrive alongside humans. here’s how.

There is only one operating uranium plant in the United States Could it cause cancer in a nearby Native American community?

Russia exports hundreds of thousands of tons of stolen grainsays Ukraine.


Gabon is one of the second most forested countries in the world.  Flo Lorenz, Unsplash
Gabon is one of the second most forested countries in the world. Flo Lorenz, Unsplash

Gabon, the second most forested country in the world, plans to the largest ever emission of carbon credits. The plan is not without controversy.

The the largest hybrid ferry in the world will soon embark between Great Britain and France, while these electric ‘flying boats’ will serve commuters from the Stockholm archipelago.

Carbon capture firm Climeworks is building a new factory in Iceland remove 36,000 tons of carbon from the atmosphere each year.

Offshore wind reached new heights in 2021but it is still below industry targets for 2030.


The United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC Ian Hutchinson, Unsplash
United States Supreme Court in Washington, DC Ian Hutchinson, Unsplash

The Supreme Court of the United States has indeed stripped the federal government of its powers to reduce emissions from coal-fired power plants.

Instead, the Biden administration is now funnel funds to 14 environmental justice organizations from all over the country.

EU countries have agreed to Phase out fossil fuel vehicles and protect the poor from the climate crisis. They are also set to label gas and nuclear energy as “sustainable” investments.

India has banned certain single-use plastics (here’s why), while NATO’s commitment to become carbon neutral by 2050 aroused widespread skepticism.

South Sudan is building a new canal to help boost Egypt’s water supply. What could this mean for Africa’s largest wetland?

Earnest A. Martinez