Ghost of Tsushima: How to Complete Archery Challenges

Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut comes with a sake cart full of new content. Players will venture to Iki Island, where they will delve deeper into the history of the Sakai clan. They will also have access to several new abilities, mechanics, and challenges that will grow their legend further than the Ghost could have ever imagined. Archery Challenges is a new edition that allows players to test their skills. Spread across Iki Island, these challenges go far beyond aiming and shooting. Here’s how to beat the archery challenges in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut.

What are Archery Challenges?

There are eight archery challenges spread across Iki Island. After completing the first challenge, you’ll unlock the Focus Charm, a minor ranged charm. The Concentration Charm gradually increases your concentration as you level up. Focus is Jin’s ability to slow down time and land well-placed headshots.

At each Archery Challenge, Jin will be faced with a set of Red Lanterns placed at different distances in front of him. He will have three timed milestones to beat, which you can think of as bronze, silver, and gold. Each “medal” will earn you points for your focus charm.

  • Bronze: 22 seconds = 1 point
  • Silver: 15 seconds = 2 points
  • Gold: 7 seconds or less = 3 points

Sounds easy, right? Well, it’s not. Most players should be able to shoot targets in less than 15 seconds after a few tries. However, doing it in seven seconds is impossible without the right equipment and settings. Even then, you’ll have to prove yourself better than Sensei Ishikawa and the legendary Tadayori himself. Here are all the best tips and tricks we can think of to win archery challenges in Ghost of Tsushima Directors Cup.

Unlock Tadayori’s Armor

Tadayori armor and Ghost of Tsushima stats.

First of all, you will have to return to the island of Tsushima and complete The Legend of Tadayori, a mythical tale available in Act I of the main story. Jin will learn the story of a legendary archer who single-handedly defended Azamo Bay while wearing armor blessed by the Kami. Like every other Mythic Tale, it’s a great story, and we won’t spoil it any further. However, reading ahead will spoil the final reward and what it does.

Upon completion, you’ll unlock Tadayori’s Armor, which improves your archery skills, especially slash speed, reload speed, and focus. Fully upgraded, Tadayori’s armor will increase your slash and reload speed by 30% and your concentration by two seconds. It will also restore 50% of the focus meter each time you land a headshot. However, this is not important when it comes to archery challenges on Iki Island. You’ll want to upgrade Tadayori’s armor to level three for the best results. However, he can be done with level two. Tadayori’s armor also allows for great archery shots in photo mode.

Unleash the charm of efficiency

Next, you’ll need to complete The Sensei and the Student, the second tale in Sensei Ishikawa’s storyline. When competing, you’ll unlock the Efficiency Charm, a minor ranged charm that increases your notch and reload speed by 15%. Combine this charm with Tadayori’s armor to increase snap and reload speed by 45%.

Level Up Concentration Charm

Without all the luck in Tsushima on your side, you won’t get gold on Iki Island’s archery challenges from the start, even with all the buffs Tadayori’s armor has. to offer. Shop around and improve your Focus Charm as much as possible by getting the silver on all eight challenges. Then go back and use your improved concentration time to go for some gold.

Enable aim assist and target lock

How to activate Aim Assist in Ghost of Tsushima.

Yes, these exist, and you will be sorry not to know them. Aim assist locks onto targets when aiming near them, and target lock lets you cycle through targets while aiming.

To enable aim assist: Pause > Options > Accessibility > Aim Assist > Enable

To activate target lock: Pause > Options > Gameplay > Target Lock > Enable or Exchange in case of defeat

The aim assist is self-explanatory and makes Jin’s life 1000% easier when it comes to archery. (It even works in Legends mode). To use target lock, press At the top on the D-Pad to switch between targets. If you switch Exchange in case of defeat, you will automatically switch targets when the first one dies. For archery challenges, it’s best to do it manually. With aim assist enabled, Jin will compensate for arrow drop as long as you draw the bow all the way back. Switch targets as soon as you release the arrow to save valuable time.

Even with both of these enabled, it’s still not guaranteed that you’ll transition seamlessly between targets. Sometimes targets are too far apart and you’ll have to aim close to them again to lock on. However, once you start shooting at a group of targets, target lock will engage.

Aim for the rightmost or leftmost target in advance

With aim assist and target lock enabled, pre-aim the leftmost or rightmost target during the countdown. As soon as he says “Go!” shoot your arrow. You can even try jumping the metaphorical gun to save time. The worst that can happen for firing too early is having to start the challenge over.

It also helps practice how far you need to draw your bow to hit each target. If the target is closer, you may only need to partially draw the bow. Memorizing targets that require full draws will save you valuable time.

Use your ability to concentrate

Even with all the right gear and aim assist, you still can’t shoot and go from target to target in seven seconds. You need to deplete your focus gauge, and even then you’ll find yourself hitting 7.3 or 7.1 seconds. Knowing when to use your focus meter is key.

Shoot the first two targets without concentration. Then, trigger the concentration by clicking on R3 and shoot as many targets as you can before it runs out. Once it runs out, shoot all remaining targets.

How to find archery challenges

The Wind of Focus ability in Ghost of Tsushima.

Besides falling on them naturally, Jin can use the guiding wind to lead him to the nearest undiscovered archery challenge on Iki Island. This new feature can be unlocked once you arrive at Iki Island. Under the Techniques tab, scroll to Exploration, and unlock the Focus Wind ability. Make sure you have a technical point to spare.

Once unlocked, scroll down Menu tab and press To the right on the D-Pad to set a new guide wind target. To select wind of concentrationcall your horse and go on an Archery Challenge adventure in Ghost of Tsushima: Director’s Cut.

We also have a separate guide on where to find each archery challenge on Iki Island.

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