Governor Hochul adds more drones and patrol boats to increase shark surveillance at state beaches

Governor Kathy Hochul ordered more resources be deployed to state parks to monitor sharks.

Governor is adding more drones and patrol boats to beaches across the state. It also increases state police helicopter flights and allows beaches to increase overtime for lifeguards by 25%.

“They will scan the waters, they will be in the surf boats in front of the swimmers to make sure that if we see any dangerous situations, sharks, anything that could cause a problem, we will get the swimmers out of the water” , explains George Gorman, of NYS Parks.

Even with the extra patrols, state officials are advising people to avoid areas with bait fish that attract sharks and not swim near fishermen.

Swimmers are also advised not to swim at dawn, dusk or at night – and to swim close to shore where lifeguards can see you.

Jones Beach officials say that despite the increase in shark sightings, they haven’t noticed a major decrease in swimming.

Samantha Costanzo, 11, from Lynbrook, says she’s not afraid of sharks because she doesn’t go too far into the ocean.

Visitors from further afield like Hanna Havardstein from Norway are a bit worried about sharks near Long Island.

“We’re a little scared — we’re thinking about it, so we’re a little worried — but since there are so many other people bathing, we think it’s okay,” Havardstein said.

Earnest A. Martinez