Hawaii archery range users alarmed by criminal activity

HONOLULU (KHON2) — Club members who operate the Kapolei Archery Range say they have seen everything at the facility from vandalism, drug use and burglary. On Monday, there was even a body.

Honolulu police have opened an investigation into the unattended death after saying a body was found near a restroom near the Kapolei Archery Range.

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“Every weekend we go through the tunnels,” said Mahesh Cleveland of the Bushwackers Archery Club. “We wonder if we will encounter something like we encountered today.”

This is just one of the problems that accumulate for the public establishment.

“There is a hole here,” said Don Ishimoto of the Bushwackers Archery Club. “They cut it big enough to fit vehicles through. So they come across when we’re not there and do their business.

“We had problems with the bathroom,” Cleveland said. “People come in overnight and cut the locks on other bathrooms. People are coming to fix the locks. The next day, the locks are cut again.

The Department of Parks and Recreation said in a statement:

“DPR sympathizes with Bushwacker concerns over vandalism and homelessness at the Kapolei Regional Park Archery Range. Our maintenance staff continue to monitor the park for illegal campers and have made numerous repairs to this location. We will be directing staff to follow up on fencing repairs and expect to have them completed by June 2022. Our last Stored Property Order enforcement event was on April 6, 2022, and we have scheduled next application for April 27, 2022. DPR works closely with the HPD and have shared concerns about increased application.

Department of Parks and Recreation

“I think it’s a combination of the COVID pandemic and the fact that they moved Central Reservation to Kapolei,” Cleveland said. “There have been more incidents of vandalism, littering and vagrancy here.”

Archery members hope more can be done to secure the facility.

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“It’s like an endless cycle and we continue to do so, because we don’t want to give up something that we consider to be a really valuable service for those who want to learn more about archery, s’ put in or share their love for the outdoors,” Cleveland said.

Earnest A. Martinez