HSV Archery Range Open and Ready to Go – Hot Springs Village Voice

After an open house, Hot Springs Village’s new sports area, Archery Range, was christened and ready for use.

Many types of bows are used in range shooting, including recurve, long, and compound bows, which require greater upper torso strength in the shoulders and arms to shoot. Crossbows are the most popular and Jim Burk was on the range explaining equipment representations and proper distance to target areas.

Crossbows have a horizontally positioned short bow operated by a crank mechanism. The crank pulls the bow, which attaches the string to the trigger mechanism and holds it there until the archer fires.

Burk’s crossbow had safety features allowing the shooter to be certain that their bow is completely ready for action. He underlined the green “S” for safety and the red “F” for shooting. “It’s so important to keep your crossbow on the safety of the green when loading and setting and not to move onto the green until you are able to aim and fire.

“It is very important that archers do not use their practice arrowheads if they are deer hunting. There are special arrowheads for game hunting,” Burk said.

The HSV scope includes markings for 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 foot ranges from targets. It is located on Fenix ​​Drive, north of DeSoto, just west of the Ponce de Leon Center. Signs on DeSoto direct you to the range.

Earnest A. Martinez