Ian Johnson, Nicolas Witt and Ashton Schlosser shoot at National Archery Tournament – Alexandria Echo Press

The Alexandria Archery Team, through the National Archery in Schools Program (NASP), recently saw three of its archers compete in the 2022 NASP Eastern National Championships with over 2,000 of the other top shooters in their respective divisions across the country qualifying through their state meets. .

Nic Witt and Ashton Schlosser each shot in the high school boys’ division (2,138 participants), while Ian Johnson shot in the college boys’ division (2,317 participants).

Johnson shot a score of 290 out of a possible 300. This ranked him fourth among all 8th grade boys and eighth overall among all middle school boys.

Johnson had 20 perfect 10s as part of his 290, earning him 76th place overall for boys among competitors in all divisions. That’s out of a total of 5,951 male archers in the national championship.

Witt shot a 289 with 22 perfect 10s in the secondary division. He was 27th best of all seniors and 76th best of all high school archers. Witt was 85th overall for the boys.

Schlosser shot a 278 with 14 10s. This placed him 440th in the high school boys division and 122nd among all senior boys.

“The guys shot really, really well,” said Alexandria archery coach Alan Hansen. “We are proud of them. It’s hard to shoot with 300 archers around you, but that’s what they learned to do. Block out what is happening around you, think about your form, focus on the target, shoot the arrow, then hold your form until the arrow hits the target. Then you forget that arrow. He’s gone and you’re getting ready to shoot the next one.

Earnest A. Martinez