‘It will be great for sport tourism’: Archery Canada draws for new permanent home in Cambridge

City of Cambridge and Archery Canada looking to hit the mark with new indoor facility in Blair

Olympians take to the field as Archery Canada settles into its new facility in Blair, Moyer’s Landing.

The national team have been training here in Cambridge since 2020 and are currently training at a temporary shooting range next to Fountain Street Park.

Mayor Kathryn McGarry is thrilled to have Archery Canada here in town and looks forward to seeing a permanent indoor facility built nearby.

“It’s a very exciting piece of the puzzle when it comes to revamping and providing more sport and recreation in Cambridge,” McGarry said.

The new facility is still in the planning stages, but that’s not stopping some of the athletes who use the current lineup from getting excited.

Brian Maxwell, a native of British Columbia and archer for Team Canada, said he was looking forward to there being a more central location for the team to train and was glad it was in such a nice place like Cambridge.

The Canadian team began training in Cambridge ahead of the Tokyo Olympics at the ComDev Indoor Soccer Park and a relationship formed, giving Cambridge the opportunity to host the team at the Blair location. .

“It has been a huge asset to the national team program to have access to a dedicated facility for their use. It’s pretty exciting that this partnership with the city has been a great way to focus more on archery,” said Karl Balisch, CEO of Archery Canada.

Team Canada will also be looking to set up a few different community programs to help locals get involved in the sport.

They have a summer camp that sold out four weeks of programs. They will train campers at the Hespeler Arena, then head to Moyer’s Landing to meet some of the Team Canada athletes.

With access to some of the best archers in the country, McGarry believes this has become a pivotal time for sports tourism in the city and adds to the growing list of activities the community can enjoy.

“We have a great range of things to offer and that only adds to our aim of being a world-class destination for sport,” she said.

Canadian team head coach Shawn Riggs was born and raised in Kitchener and knows what that means for the national team but also for the city of Cambridge.

Riggs thinks it’s the perfect location, being close to universities and the 401, Team Canada has finally found a home.

“Having a centralized place to train is not something we have had for several years. We were always guests somewhere,” Riggs said.

With their own dedicated space, they don’t have to worry about working out other people’s schedules or making too much noise due to excessive arrows being fired, Riggs said.

McGarry thinks the city needs more initiatives like establishing a national sports team to continue to develop the city and Archery Canada is a step in the right direction.

“Coming to Cambridge is really proof that we are a great location and a great municipality to bring these kinds of exciting new adventures,” McGarry said.

Earnest A. Martinez