Jung Woo Helps The Archery Team On A Special Psychotherapy Trip

Mental coach Jegal Episode 9 sees the growing relationship between Jegal Gil and Park Seung Ha as they help young athletes.

Mental coach Jegal is an ongoing sports drama that explores the life of a national athlete who quits sports and begins to focus on helping other athletes with their mental health issues. It features Jung Woo, who plays the lead role of Jegal Gil.

The K-drama also stars squid game star Lee Yoo Mi alongside Park Se Young, Kwon Yool, and Moon Yoo Kang.

Here is what happened in Mental coach Jegal Episode 9.

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Mental coach Jegal Episode 9 Recap

Mental coach Jegal Episode 9 begins with Goo Tae Man drinking after Oh Yeon Ji’s phone call before committing suicide. Reports revealed how the Sports Human Rights Center knew about it but did nothing.

Park Seung Ha planned a psychotherapy trip and invited Cha Ga Eul. As Lee Moon Kyeol hires Jegal Gil as his personal mental coach, he joins them and the archery team’s training camp.

The Olympic team then begins a conference to decide on Oh Dal Sung’s future as a coach. They are divided as the Winter Olympics are approaching, but the committee members also want Goo Tae Man to leave the head of the Human Rights Center due to the trouble he has caused.

He then announced his resignation and offered to hire a new coach. It turns out that he is communicating with Deputy Park Seung Tae.

In the middle of Dr. Park Seung Ha’s trip, Jegal Gil, the mental trainer, notices Shin Ye Ji, the archery team’s ace, as she suffers from panic. Song Ji Man says it’s normal, but mental health coaches know something is wrong.

Park Seung Ha instead focuses on Cha Ga Eul, as she is still resisting, while Jegal Gil begins training Lee Moo Kyeol to cure his anxiety.

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To help the students, Jegal Gil takes the athletes to a special conference. He also learns that Shin Ye Ji’s father had an accident a day before his competition and ended up dying. The mental trainer brings the No Medal Club to perform in front of the athletes to help them relax a bit.

Park Seung Ha, on the other hand, helps Jegal Gil as he continues to dream of losing someone.

Lee Moo Kyeol is about to confess to Cha Ga Eul and ask her to start over, but Jegal Gil reappears.

After the psychotherapy trip, Shin Ye Ji and Lee Moo Kyeol improve and begin to accept the imperfection in their lives. Lee Moo Kyeol finally returns to the water to rescue Cha Ga Eul after she fell into the sea.

With that, Song Ji Man says that love is the best medicine for crises.

Mental coach Jegal Episode 10 release date and time

Mental coach Jegal Episode 10 will be released on October 12 at 8:30 p.m. KST.

Here is an overview of Mental coach Jegal episode 10 release date and time in other regions if no interruptions or schedule changes occur:

Central Time: 8:30 a.m. (October 12)

Greenwich Mean Time: 2:30 p.m. (October 12)

Eastern Time: 9:30 a.m. (October 12)

Pacific Time: 6:30 a.m. (October 12)

Philippines Time: 9:30 p.m. (October 12)

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