Kassidy Brown: Bowfishing and beginnings

June 11—When I was younger, I was always by the lake. When I was really little, I spent most of my time with my grandparents in their motorhome, and when my sister was old enough to enjoy the outing, my parents bought us a motorhome to spend our time together on the lake.

Of course when I was younger my favorite activity was finding sticks and breaking them with my papaya, but as I got older my sister and I had fun swimming and spending time playing outside.

We stopped going when my sister and I grew up a bit because we had more responsibilities like sports and school, but when I was 15 I went bow fishing to the first time.

Growing up in rural East Tennessee, I used to do outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, and things of that nature, so once I learned to fish in the arc, I felt it was a hobby that I could really enjoy.

It was my parents who took me because they were the ones who always taught me to do things like that. It was mostly my dad, but my mom was theirs too, having fun doing things with the family.

My dad always tried to get me and my sister to go hunting and fishing just so we could have a good time and get away from home for a while.

My family had come to learn bow fishing when my mother hosted her annual golf tournament in memory of my dad, Larry Schofield. For the tournament, several people from the sports channels have reached out to play and be able to film it for their broadcasts.

One of the guys from Sportsman introduced the sport to my parents and invited them to Delaware to try it out. They went there and really enjoyed it, that’s why they introduced it to me and my sister.

I was really nervous the first time I went there because I’m a bit of a perfectionist so if I’m not good at something as soon as I try it I get very frustrated and annoyed quickly.

When I finally got to do it, I turned out to be quite good at it and found that I really enjoyed doing it.

I ended the evening with 11 of the 17 fish we had, which really impressed my dad. Although he pretended it was beginners luck until he took me back, I then shot a fair amount of fish which we got that time too.

It wasn’t my first go-around with a bow and arrow as I had been practicing archery for a year. I found I had a knack for it, but shooting in water is a bit different than just shooting at a target on land.

The biggest differences included aiming lower due to the arrow’s refraction once it hits water and not using a trigger with the bow. The boat is also always in motion as you use a trolling motor to cruise along the shores of the lake, so you must learn to shoot while you are still in motion.

We mainly fish carp and gar which taught me that swimming in the lake is very scary as I now know what kind of big fish are lurking in the water with me. If you don’t know what Gar looks like, I urge you to look him up to find out why these fish scare me out of water.

Apart from that, since I started bow fishing, I introduced it to several of my friends, and they all loved it as much as I did.

It’s been seven years now since I went there for the first time, and every year I’m still as excited as the summer and the hot night.

Kassidy Brown is the editor of the Daily Telegraph. Contact her at [email protected]

Earnest A. Martinez