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On a trail known as the Salmon Run Trail, stretching 5 miles above the shore of Heron Lake State Park and climbing through a thick forest of Gambel oak, ponderosa pine, and sagebrush, the Northern New Mexico Outdoor Assassins 3D archery club hosted the eighth annual 3D archery competition dubbed “Bring the Heat”, between Friday (July 8) and Sunday (July 10) . Albuquerque-based Archery Shoppe and Taos Hunting Company co-sponsored the event.

In 3D archery, an archer is presented with a target on a landscape – in this case, one with lots of wood. The challenge is to account for the varying distance and elevation of where the target is placed, despite natural obstacles such as leaves and branches. Targets placed throughout the Salmon Run trail consisted of woodland creatures such as elk, wolves, mountain lions and bears. Some exotic targets found on the trail included a displaced baboon, a colorful poison dart frog, and a northern pike washed up far from shore. On these targets, which are usually made of polyurethane and polyethylene, is a large circle with smaller circles inside those circles.

Earnest A. Martinez