Lowcountry company pledges support for youth archery team after their trailer, equipment is stolen

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – A utility trailer belonging to the Holy City Archery Homeschool team was stolen along with $10,000 worth of archery equipment this week from a church parking lot in North Charleston.

It happened a few weeks before a big competition for the youth team.

After our story first aired on Monday, Worldwide Equipment Company Vice President Steve Bateman contacted News 2 saying he thought they had to do something to help the team in need.

‘Worldwide’ sells and services semi-trailers in its factory in Jedburg.

“I saw this event on TV last night and it bothered me. Because I see a lot of it in our world today and it kinda fired at me because I see a few guys who were too lazy to make a living and be proud to buy their own trailer instead, they decide to go after some people who needed that trailer,” he said.

The team needs their equipment to compete in the national archery competition in just over a week. So Bateman reached out to help.

“We’re going to give people $5,000 to get them back on track. Get them gear so they can get to their regional event the way they wanted and that seems to help them get through the difficulty and get them going anyway,” Bateman said.

Bateman said the community has helped their business, so they want to help the community.

Lillian Reyes is the mother of some of the students on the team. She was moved when she discovered the gift.

“A family shop, a small business, had the heart and felt they needed to donate to our team. It was a blessing,” she said.

His son, Ronin, 15, is part of the archery team.

“Someone over there would actually listen since this is just a little story but as I am eternally grateful for this and I can say on behalf of everyone here that we are grateful to these people for giving us this money,” Ronin said. “I’m still bamboozled about it.”

Bateman said he hopes the gift will help the team perform well in the state competition.

“Get their practice and skip a beat and realize that there are good people in the world and hopefully they emulate that as they grow up and get a little older and they have the opportunity to give that back as well.”

Bateman told News 2 that his company would present the check to the archery team on Wednesday.

The archery team is trying to raise funds to replace their equipment. You can help by clicking here.

Earnest A. Martinez