Missouri man breaks bow fishing world record with 125-pound bighead carp

iStockphoto / Christopher Moswitzer

  • A Missouri man bowfishing for bighead carp landed a world record fish weighing more than 125 pounds
  • He thought he was shooting a 30 pound carp and it turned out to be a fish so big it looks like an Amazon monster or a grouper you would find on the bottom of the ocean.
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I’m an archery fisherman from Perryville, Missouri who just made my way into the world record books. Matt Neuling was bowfishing on Lake Perry, Missouri, and shot an arrow at what he thought was a 30-pound carp. He was wrong. It turned out to be the fish of a lifetime, a world record bighead carp of 125 pounds, 5 ounces.

If you are reading this and you are a carp angler I would like you to find me on Twitter at @casspa and explain to me the allure of going after carp. They don’t fight much. Most species of carp are really hideous (IMHO) and they are not commonly used as table food.

Alas, I understand the allure of hunting a world record fish of any species. Unfortunately for any carp angler in the world, I think Matt Neuling just put that species record out of reach for years to come.

Look at this absolute beast of a fish. It looks more like an “Amazon monster” you might see on TV than a Missouri bighead carp.

A bow fishing world record surprised them

He knew it wasn’t a 30 pound grass carp when he pulled the shot and the fish was like ‘no, I’m not moving.’

“I was out with my buddy early that morning when we both shot what we thought was a 30-pound grass carp,” Neuling recalled. “My buddy’s arrow pulled out, but mine shot straight through and stayed in.”

Matt was legitimately lucky to have a friend with him. Without a second arrow and another set of hands, he couldn’t have gotten that fish to the boat or into the boat.

“We just couldn’t believe it”

It’s absolutely gargantuan.

“We just couldn’t believe it,” he said. “We knew what kind of fish it was, but we had never seen one this big. This thing is a real monster. A five-gallon bucket could easily fit in its mouth. If my mate didn’t wasn’t with me, I couldn’t have gotten him out of the water.

For anyone shaking their fist at this type of fishing, know that it is an invasive species around here. The bighead carp is native to Asia and a 150 pound world record specimen like this is actually a testament to just how dangerous invasive species are. It’s proof that species and THRIVE outside of their native environment while wreaking havoc on local flora and fauna.

This fish is already a certified state record in Missouri and it qualifies as a world record bowfishing bighead carp. But this certification process will have to happen before it becomes officially official.

MDC fishing program specialist Andrew Branson estimates that a fish like this was around 10 years old. They actively encourage anyone who encounters this invasive species to harvest and remove them from local waters. So it was actually a big win for conservation.

To learn more about this world record bighead carp catch, you can read a full press release on the Missouri Department of Conservation website.

Earnest A. Martinez