NASP Archery State Championship – Fox21Online

DULUTH, Minnesota — Arrows were flying this weekend at the DECC as hundreds of young archers shot their bows in state competition, for the Minnesota National Archery in the Schools Program, or NASP.

Nearly 1,500 archers, ages 4-12 from across the state of Minnesota participated. Arrows were fired both at bullseye targets and at polystyrene animals. $20,000 in scholarships were up for grabs, won with children’s archery scores and an essay submission.

Organizers say they have loved watching the program and the skill development year after year.

“Some of these kids come into the program in 4th grade, and they shot until they were seniors, so that’s 13 years in an archery program and to me that says that they chose it as a lifelong activity, we just don’t know what they’re going to do with it, so it’s just a very rewarding thing to work on,” said Kraig Kiger, shooting sports coordinator for Minnesota DNR.

After high school, some of these archers take their skills into the woods to hunt or aim for higher targets, like the Olympics. But they say it’s all about the experience of shooting alongside other young archers.

“I want to do it for the rest of high school, if I can take it somewhere outside of high school that would be great, but we’ll see if that happens or not. I think it’s really interesting to see all these different people from different schools and I love interacting with them because we don’t have to act like competitors, we can act like friends,” said Savannah Neubauer, 15 years with Princeton Archers.

State winners will go to the Kentucky National Championship in early May.

Earnest A. Martinez