Nebraska man sets bowfishing world record for largest shortnose gar

Talk about a catch of a lifetime.

According to Kansas City Star.

On May 16, the Omaha resident headed to the Ozarks for a bowfishing trip, and his pal was “playing guide.”

On their final stop, Porter shot a nice guy…

Except he wasn’t your basic guy. He was a 14-pound, six-ounce guy, more than three times the size of the average fish.

Porter weighed:

“The short-nosed gar usually weighs only three to four pounds. So to catch one that big, we thought it was a long nose.

The Missouri Department of Conservation says Shortnose Guys are one of the smallest types of Guys, with the largest in Missouri typically weighing between 6 and 11 pounds.

Not only was the shot a state record, but also a world record.

Porter immediately contacted wildlife officials, making sure it was indeed a short-nosed gar and not a hybrid long-nosed gar.

Needless to say, the fish qualified, and Porter now holds the Missouri State Record for Alternative Methods for Shortnose Gar and the Bowfish World Record for Shortnose Gar.

Porter expressed his excitement:

“I’m a longtime member of the Bowfishing Association of America, so catching a guy that size is very exciting – that’s something else entirely.”

The previous record was set at 13 pounds, one ounce.

Earnest A. Martinez