New for 2022: Athens Archery Vista 31

Building on the popularity of its RT-X cam system and the stability of its Vista series, Athens Archery has introduced the new Vista 31, the company’s most stable, repeatable and adjustable hunting bow to date.

The Vista 31 has a brace height of 6½ inches, measures 31 inches axle-to-axle, and has an IBO speed rating of 340 fps. The bow has half-inch draw length increments from 24½ to 30½ inches. Draw weights range from 40 to 80 pounds, including 65-pound maximum weight options.

The unique design creates an impressive 80-90% clearance making the bow easy to hold and stay on target. Split limbs have a past parallel limb design. The bow weighs an impressive 4.2 pounds.

Athens Archery Vista 31 RT-X Camera System

Adjustable cables and reel guard, lockable limb pockets, shock absorbers and premium bowstring add to stability, performance and consistent results. There are two modules to accommodate draw lengths.

Technical specifications
• Axle to axle length: 31″
• Spacer Height: 6.5″
• IBO speed: up to 340 ips
• Draw lengths: 24.5″-30.5 inches in half-inch increments
• Draw weight: 40-80 lbs. (including 65lb max weight options)
• Leave-off: 80-90%
• TCS adjustable cable system roller guard
• RT-X rotating cam
• Module #1 and module #2 to accommodate a full range of draw lengths
• Limb-Lok pocket system
• 1″ split temples for maximum stability and performance
• Mountain View Products X-Out limb shock absorbers
• MSRP: $1,099 to $1,149

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Earnest A. Martinez