‘Operation Mincemeat’ Producer Archery Acquires ‘Venomous Lumpsucker’

Kris Thykier’s Archery Pictures, whose credits include John Madden’s ‘Operation Mincemeat’ and the Sky thriller ‘Riviera’, has acquired the TV rights to Ned Beauman’s highly anticipated new novel ‘Venomous Lumpsucker’.

The dark comedy is a crazy adventure story set in a dystopian world ravaged by climate change.

The story takes place in the near future, when tens of thousands of species go extinct each year, and an entire industry has sprung up around their extinctions, to help preserve the remains, or simply assuage the guilt of the humanity (depending on how you see it).

Humanity’s last hope is in biobanks, impregnable vaults where every organism’s DNA can be stored forever, until the day a daring cyberattack wipes them out in their entirety.

In the aftermath, a troubled environmentalist and a twisted mining manager must team up to find the poisonous lumpsucker, a lost fish they both desperately need to save.

British journalist and novelist Beauman has been nominated for numerous awards, including the Booker and Desmond Elliot Prize, and has won a few, including the Somerset Maugham Prize. “Venomous Lumpsucker”, his fifth novel, was published in July in the UK by Scepter and in the US by Soho Press.

Thykier commented, “‘Venomous Lumpsucker’ is a hilarious, thrilling ride and the longer the story unfolds, the stranger things get. It’s about environmental collapse, corporate greed, and humanity’s complex relationship with nature. It’s a bold, offbeat, and somewhat absurd story, and it couldn’t be more timely. Ned Beauman is a genius, and we couldn’t be more excited to develop his masterpiece. »

Beauman added: “When I finished this novel, I was like, ‘Well, I’m proud of it, it’s just a shame that I have no hope of selling the TV rights, because it’s is way too weird and also, it’s called ‘Venomous Lumpsucker.’ Thanks to Archery for proving me wrong!And I’m especially glad they’re doing it because I’ve worked with them on something else, so I already know they’re really good.

Archery is in post-production on Season 2 of the hit YA series “Fate: The Winx Saga,” for Netflix. “Operation Mincemeat”, starring Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen and Kelly Macdonald, was released in April to critical acclaim.

Archery produced three seasons of “Riviera” for Sky Atlantic, a thriller against the French Riviera. Starring Julia Stiles, it became Sky’s most downloaded box set.

Other credits include the BAFTA-nominated series “The State,” a heartbreaking four-part drama written and directed by Peter Kosminsky.

In January 2021, Archery announced the start of a multi-year strategic alliance with Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures. This venture sees Archery and Green Door Pictures working in partnership on selected projects in both film and television.

In November 2020, Archery launched Mews Films, a production label focused on developing a slate of comedy films for the UK theatrical market. The venture is a partnership with Danny Perkins’ Elysian Film Group.

Earnest A. Martinez