Over $1,000 worth of archery equipment stolen from Cottage Grove School | Local

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Several pieces of expensive archery equipment were stolen from London School in Cottage Grove in November, police say.

According to the Cottage Grove Police Department, there have been two burglaries at the school within a few weeks. Items stolen include five Genesis brand compound bows, over 50 arrows and weedkiller.

The bows and arrows were purchased with grant funds several years ago, according to a district official. They were originally part of an elective course offered by the school.

“This is just one more opportunity we hope to have with our students and if we don’t have the supplies we can’t do the hands-on experiential learning that we enjoy,” said Jeremy Smith, Principal of teaching and learning at the South Lane School District.

The program has reportedly been discontinued for the past few years, but staff said it was to be offered to older students at the school as an elective in the spring.

Smith said the school was trying to improve the security of its shed where the equipment was stored in order to prevent future break-ins from occurring.

“We are working to check our facilities and see what we can do to secure our facilities as much as possible,” Smith said.

The Cottage Grove Police Department has not identified the person(s) responsible for taking the equipment.

“We have no specific suspects at this time, no named suspects, and we have no idea how many suspects there are,” Officer Stevens said.

Police said those who stole the bows may attempt to sell them.

“Sometimes stolen items are frequently taken to a pawnshop and potentially pawned or sold,” Stevens said.

Stevens said sales can also take place online. He said anyone who comes across an item that may be stolen property while shopping should report it to the police.

A message on the London School’s Facebook page was posted on Wednesday morning alerting the community to the break-ins. A school official said anyone interested in donating can contact the school’s London office at 541-767-3557.

Earnest A. Martinez