Overview of the Sitka Women’s Clothing System for the Archery Moose Season

One thing I’ve learned over years of hunting and guiding is that comfort (or lack thereof) can make or break a trip. It doesn’t matter if you’re hunting antelope in 90 degrees or elk in -20; if your gear doesn’t keep you comfortable, you’re bound to have a miserable time and risk cutting your hunting time short.

For years I searched for the right equipment, which is not an easy thing to find considering that equipment for women was and still is quite limited. It wasn’t until Sitka came along with their women’s line that I finally found what I was looking for. A complete clothing system that really fits, provides enough variety to match different seasons, types of hunting, and also keeps me comfortable no matter what the elements throw at me.

With archery season still around six months away, I wanted to share my favorite fall elk hunting items well in advance, so you can plan your apparel ahead!

1 – The Timberline pants

The search for functional and comfortable hunting pants is over with these!

The Timberline pants are one of my favorite Sitka items. Enough pockets to store all your essentials – and I’m not talking about the inadequate little pockets you usually find on women’s pants. I’m talking about big, deep pockets that you can put things in. Zippers and buttons are quiet to use and there are six pockets in total!

The fabric in these is super stretchy, making them comfortable for hiking, sitting for long hours, riding in the mountains, whatever. The fabric is also quite thick, meaning you can wear them alone on warmer days or throw one of the base layers underneath for cooler ones.

My favorite feature is the bolstered seat, which is waterproof – handy if you find yourself sitting on wet ground or having to slide through mud or snow. They also feature reinforced knees, which are also waterproof, with optional knee pads which are great for some insulation and padding on hard ground.

2 – Zipped Hoodie

The Heavyweight Hoodie is ideal for cold September mornings. It’s ideal to wear with the Lightweight Core – or if you’re really cold – it layers perfectly under other Sitka pieces and over any of the base layer pieces.

The low profile balaclava and convenient built-in face shield, which I initially thought were pretty silly, have now used more times than I can count. A handy chest pocket lets you keep all the important items close for easy access and stretchy thumb loops let you easily add or remove layers without your sleeves rolling up.

3 – Active Kelvin Jacket

The Kelvin Active jacket is quiet and comfortable, I put this piece on after hiking when it’s time to sit back and wait for the action to start and when hiking on cooler evenings.

Fun fact: you can layer this jacket under a windproof outer layer to add more insulation and warmth.

Additional elements

1 – Core Lightweight Long Sleeve Shirt

The weather during archery season in Montana can be unpredictable, but you can usually count on cool mornings and evenings and warm days. I always have a Core Lightweight as a base layer as it adds a bit of extra warmth when needed and when things heat up and you need to throw on a layer the thin airy fabric is perfect to keep you cool in the heat of the day.

2 – Rainfall system

Thick, durable and can withstand any rain. I carry the Cloudburst Jacket and Pant system with me on days when you have to hold on no matter how soggy it gets. These pieces aren’t as light as I would like, but due to their durability, I’m willing to carry a little extra weight.

Favorite feature: the pant legs close completely to the side, so about 20 seconds after the rain starts, you can slip them over your pants and boots and stay dry!

3 – Mountain jacket

The jury has been out on the Mountain Jacket for a while as I tried to decide if this part added value to my system, but I find I use it more and enjoy it more every year. . It’s light enough that I don’t hesitate to throw it in the bag. It’s also ideal layered over the Kelvin Active Jacket as it acts as a windbreaker, locking in heat. It will also withstand light rainfall so you can’t take out your rain jacket.

4 – Blizzard Mittens

The Blizzard mitts are my favorite Sitka item and while they may seem over the top to some for archery season, I’m not going anywhere without them. My hands get cold quickly and when they do they stop working which is completely unacceptable. If I have to fix it by wearing mittens in September, so be it! I usually ditch the shell and just wear the liner, but if you know it’s going to be wet, it’s good to have the option of the waterproof Gore-Tex shell.

5 – Crossing gloves

If mitts are overkill for you, the Traverse gloves are a great second-choice glove. They fit snugly allowing for good dexterity and the soft lining provides just the right amount of warmth for most September days.

Shooting your bow with gloves on might not be ideal (you can accidentally trigger your shot due to poor feel through the fabric), so I like to cut the index and thumb fabric to allow for better feel and movement in case you find yourself wearing them and having to draw your bow.

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Earnest A. Martinez