Panama City’s new archery shop hits the mark

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) — There’s a new place in Panama City where you can get everything you need when it comes to bows and arrows. EZ Ride Archery recently opened on the highway. 231, with everything for experienced to novice archers.

“All the new innovations that come out, we’re on top of the game here,” said Danny Wells, Director at EZ Ride Archery.

When shooting archery they say it’s important to relax, but for Danny Wells he’s done it all but the past few weeks.

“We do everything from stringing to setting up releases from start to finish,” Wells said. “Everything from tournament shooting to recreational shooting to hunting aspects.”

After weeks of intense focus, EZ Rides Archery has opened its doors in Panama City. It’s the brainchild of Martin Murdock who owns EZ Ride Golf Carts next door. After traveling to Marianna for years to get Danny’s expertise, he recruited him to run his new shop.

“I ran another archery store for over 10 years. So a lot of these guys are used to me being there,” Wells said.

And it was right on target. Danny knows everything from pulling to nose button. In-depth knowledge of the craft, helping expert and novice archers to hit the bullseye.

“Anywhere from tournament shooting, to recreational shooting, to hunting aspects,” Wells said. “We want to be the Taj Mahal of archery.”

Ambitious goals, but Danny has the record to prove it. He has been shooting archery since he was a child.

“I was bitten by a snake and it was a beautiful thing.”

A great life looking through the sights. A career working in archery shops and even competing in archery tournaments across the country.

“I’ve been doing this stuff since 1987, so I have a lot of years behind me. I am the dinosaur in this business in many ways.

And the advantage of being around for a while means more chances to make a difference.

“Some of the guys I work with now, I work with their grandkids and they were teenagers when I started,” Wells said. “It’s good to be a dinosaur in many ways because you can see all the things that have been impacted in your life and giving back to the community and peers around us is so important to me.”

Giving back for decades. One of his favorite memories was going to schools in Jackson County teaching archery to 4-H kids.

“When they actually hit the mark or hit the bullseye on that expression, you can’t put a money factor on what it does and what it does for me when I see this kid,” Wells said. “Their enthusiasm and that joy that just came through in them at that moment, that’s what motivates me, is seeing that part and that instillation in that individual.”

Because of the life you are passionate about, it hits the mark every time.

EZ Ride Archery holds its grand opening on August 20th. The shop is currently open but will have an outdoor shooting range ready to shoot during the grand opening.

It is located at 4133 highway. 231, Panama City.

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Earnest A. Martinez