Place of archers from the region in the 2022 indoor archery circuit

A 4-H’er shoots during the North Dakota 4-H Indoor Archery Championship. (Photo NDSU)

BISMARCK, ND (NDSU Extension) – Teams from multiple counties took top honors at the 4-H Indoor Archery Championship held recently at the Nishu Bowmen Archery Complex in Bismarck.

The match is the culminating event of the winter indoor archery circuit. The circuit consists of six district matches with archers eligible to compete in the state championship. The top two district scores for each archer are added to the state championship score to determine the ranking. The ranking of teams is calculated on the scores of the top three archers of a county team of four in the championship match.

The match for beginner, junior and senior barebow archers consists of shooting 30 arrows at a 10-ring target of 80 centimeters from a distance of 15 meters. The maximum score for each arrow is 10 points with a maximum total score of 300 points. The number of 10s scored is used as a tiebreaker.

The match for the freestyle bow division uses a five-ring 40-centimeter target face option or a five-point face. Beginner and Junior divisions shoot 15 arrows for a maximum score of five points for each arrow and 150 points for the match. The senior freestyle match is shot from a distance of 20 meters with 60 arrows. The maximum score is 300. Freestyle targets have an X ring in the middle of the target. The number of arrows to be scored in ring X is used to break ties.

The McLean County team of Presley Thompson, Hoyt Carter, Brooklyn Smith and Jordi Keller took first place in the beginner barebow with a score of 2,146. The Dickey County team placed second with a score of 2,091. The team members are Louis Schmidt, Glynn Harper, Owen Bratlie and Evolecht Holt.

The top five individual rankings for barebow beginners were:

  • First – Louis Schmidt, County Dickey, 797
  • Second – Presley Thompson, McLean County, 787
  • Third – Hoyt Carter, McLean County, 756
  • Fourth – Kaydee Ceynar, McKenzie County, 747
  • Fifth – Emmy Keicker, LaMoure County, 738

The Morton County team of Haidyn Mosset, Odessa Veith, Jack Bargmann and Kinzy Roeder placed first in the beginner freestyle with a score of 1,214. The Ward County team placed second with a score of 1,157. The team members were Tyson Purdue, Quade Everson, Grady Mostad and Blake Guritz.

The top five individual beginner freestyle rankings were:

  • First – Levi Keith, Hettinger County, 432
  • Second – Haidyn Mosset, Morton County, 416
  • Third – Louis Schmidt, Dickey County, 415
  • Fourth – Odessa Veith, Morton County, 414
  • Fifth – Tyson Purdue, County Ward, 412

The Dickey County Junior Barebow Team placed first with a score of 2,362. The team members are Michaela Bierman, Walker Miller, Drew Thorpe and Madaline Thorpe. The McLean County team of Bella Wimer, Molly Jochim, Braelyn Smith and Kaylee Magandy took second place with 2,319 points.

The top five barebow junior individual rankings were:

  • First – Bethany Parsons, Traill County, 798
  • Second – Michaela Bierman, Dickey County, 785
  • Third – Bella Wimer, McLean County, 793
  • Fourth – Walker Miller, Dickey County, 785
  • Fifth – Alyssa Brummund, Lamoure County, 782

The junior freestyle team of Landon Mosset, Zoe Peterson, James McGarth and Tanner Frieze from Morton County scored 1,333 for first place. The Pierce County team of Aliyah Williams, Luke Arnston, Raegan Hager and Jaxon Heilman placed second with a score of 1,255.

The top five individual junior freestyle rankings were:

  • First – Abigail Ferguson, Williams County, 448 with 20 arrows in ring X
  • Second – Landon Mosset, Morton County, 448 11 arrows in the X ring
  • Third – Zoe Peterson, Morton County, 447
  • Fourth – James McGarth, Morton County, 438
  • Fifth – Beau Keith, Hettinger County, 428

The Dickey County Senior Barebow Team consisting of Shelby Miller, Jaden Henning, Paige Henningson and Madison Anliker placed first with a score of 2,390. The Hettinger County Team consisting of Sydney Steiner, Kadence Reindel, Megan Monke and Katie Schmidt finished second with a score of 2,370.

The top five barebow senior individual rankings were:

  • First – Sydney Steiner, Hettinger County, 853
  • Second – Boyer Lane, LaMoure County, 816
  • Third – Sarah Potts, County Ward, 813
  • Fourth – Ryan Pingel, McKenzie County, 805
  • Fifth – Shelby Miller, Dickey County, 804

The Morton County I Senior Freestyle Team placed first with a score of 2,662. The team members were Bennet Schuler, Kendra Boehm, Hatley Hetleved and Ellie Bargmann. Second place was captured by the Morton County II team with a score of 2,551.

The top five senior freestyle individual placings were:

  • First – Bennett Schuler, Morton County, 899
  • Second – Jorn Brose, County Ward, 895
  • Third – Kendra Boehm, Morton County, 888
  • Fourth – Trace Christ, Stutsman County, 878
  • Fifth – Hatley Hettled, Morton County, 875

The Senior Freestyle Masters Division is for youth who have already qualified or competed in 4-H National Championships and are not eligible to compete in the program. Stark-Billings County’s Tyler Brusseau won first place with a perfect score of 900. Other winners in this division were:

  • Second – William Schmidt, County of Hettinger, 888
  • Third – Jake Ceynar, McKenzie County, 887
  • Fourth – Taik Larsen, Stark-Billings, 874
  • Fifth – Clay Ceynar, McKenzie County, 826

The shooting sports are sponsored by Scheels, a supporter of the North Dakota 4-H Foundation.

Earnest A. Martinez