Proposed legalized bowfishing after positive trial

By Michael Gibson | March 15, 2021

After a successful 18-month bowfishing trial, the New South Wales government has opened the door to legalizing carp bowfishing statewide.

the West Central Daily revealed that Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall will release a discussion paper for public comment on Friday.

Bow fishing remains prohibited in inland waters and can only be practiced in the same areas as spearfishing, as they share the same definition in current regulations.

“The comment period … is the first step in advancing potential rule changes and I encourage interested parties to provide input and participate in the discussion,” Marshall said.

“We will also consult with the NSW Recreational Fishing Advisory Council and other governments and non-governments

stakeholders throughout this process to ensure that the activity is carried out in a safe and sustainable manner.

“The trial program and its subsequent review identified that bow fishing is a safe and sustainable fishing technique.”

Mr Marshall said ‘200 anglers took part in the trial programme, including a number from the Orange Bowhunting Club, and ‘safely harvested over 700 carp’ in the mid-west and mid-west waterways. New South Wales”.

He said that “with the right regulations, bow fishing could provide a way to help reduce species destruction of streams and the impact this has on natives, although its large-scale effectiveness remains to be seen”.

“It may not make a massive dent in carp populations on its own, no, but working with other removal techniques it can play a part. Anything we can do to help the elimination of carp…can only be considered good news,” he said. noted.

“The trial we did considered a lot of things like its efficiency in harvesting carp, the safety of the practice and its economic benefits, we got ticks back in all of those departments.

“A very big thing considered in the trial was any impact it might have on native species and that was raised to us as an issue, but the review was also positive in those terms.

“We’ve put in a lot of safety caveats for the rules and around the equipment specs, like the tethering of all arrows. I think that could be a very good thing for the NSW region.”

Have your say on the legalization of carp bow fishing in inland waters: the public comment period will end on Monday, April 12 and interested parties are encouraged to provide input and participate in the discussion. For more information and to provide feedback, visit the NSW DPI website…/have-your-say-on…

Earnest A. Martinez