Record broken with around 1,000 detected on small boats in a single day

The record for the number of migrants crossing the Channel in a single day this year has been broken, as more than a thousand were detected on small boats today, GB News can reveal

The previous record of 696 in a single day was reached earlier this month, when migrants were intercepted and removed 14 small boats on August 1.

Over the weekend the weather conditions were too poor in the English Channel for small boats to navigate safely.

But with conditions of dead calm, and very light winds arriving on Sunday evening, the first boats since the end of last week took on water.

At half past midnight, the Dover lifeboat returned to Dover Harbor with approximately 50 people on board.

A group of people believed to be migrants are brought to Ramsgate, Kent

Cumulative successful arrivals in the UK of people crossing the English Channel in small boats

Cumulative successful arrivals in the UK of people crossing the English Channel in small boats

An hour later the Ramsgate lifeboat arrived with 58 people who were pulled from two small craft.

The record number of small boat crossings comes as GB News has seen evidence that those trying to smuggle themselves into the UK on the back of lorries continues to be an ongoing problem.

In an average year, about 8,000 people are detected crossing inside trucks and other vehicles.

In Calais, Dunkirk and other ports in northwestern France, thousands of migrants hang around waiting for a chance to scale perimeter fences and onto trucks.

We filmed all night, as lone migrants and others in groups walked through truck parking lots near Calais.

Several young men were seen checking truck trailers and trying to board as the heavy goods vehicles headed for the port.

Migrants filmed climbing aboard an inflatable structure to cross the English Channel in exclusive GB News drone footage

French police patrols are frequent, and we filmed some migrants hiding between caravans to avoid detection by passing police patrols.

Although thousands of men, mostly young men, have been detected by enhanced Border Force checks at UK ports, there are no estimates of how many people have arrived in the UK undetected.

Figures show that more than 90% of people detected on board trucks subsequently apply for asylum.

But many of those who manage to make it to the UK hidden in vehicles are believed to continue to work in the illegal economy.

A government spokesperson said: “No one should put their life at risk at the hands of smuggling gangs by getting into dangerous, unventilated trucks.

“We have robust measures in place to detect illegal entrants and prevent them from crossing the Channel – this includes regularly searching for goods and deploying detection dogs to find migrants hiding in vehicles.

“The UK continues to work with French partners to tackle illegal immigration more broadly, including by disrupting organized crime groups that facilitate illegal entry into the UK.”

Earnest A. Martinez