Residents near the Red River take boats to town – InForum

As the Red River continues its rapid rise, some areas of Grand Forks are temporarily closing.

But people still need to move around the city. Shadyridge Court is on the southeast side of Grand Forks. Getting out of here is difficult when the water is high.

“First, our road goes past,” said Katie Marcotte, a resident of Shadyridge Court. “And then usually the road to Shady Ridge in front of our house goes down, and then the road on the other side of the loop goes down.”

She and her family live here. The rising waters make it very difficult to leave the area.

“Basically, we’re on an island,” Marcotte said. “And we’re just boating.”

She means that literally. She and her husband Mike have a boat in the garage near their house, ready to go.

She’s lived in Grand Forks all her life, so this isn’t new to her. If anything, she looks like she can’t wait to be there.

“It’s just an adventure,” she said. “And I think everybody’s kind of excited and excited about it. And we’re all kind of coming together and making it happen.”

And Grand Fork’s ongoing battle with mother nature doesn’t make Marcotte any less reminiscent of his hometown.

“It’s a great place to raise your family, a great place to have your kids,” she said. “It’s just a good community.”

Earnest A. Martinez