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Rising Arrow: Paden Mims takes archery success

Posted 1:54 p.m. on Tuesday, September 13, 2022

By JOYANNA LOVE | Chief Editor

Paden Mims of Clanton is making a name for himself in competitive archery.

At 12, he has already secured several corporate sponsorships inside and outside of Chiton County and has a collection of medals.

He recently placed first in his class at the Bowhunters of Alabama State Pageant in Cullman.

“I was happy and excited,” Paden said.

In these competitions, archers shoot at three-dimensional models of animals placed at different distances, scoring different numbers of points for different locations on the animal.

It was his second time competing at State, but Paden said he had to be further away from goals this year due to his age.

At the start of the competition, Paden said he was a little nervous, but when the competition started, he felt better.

“After a while of shooting, you don’t get as nervous,” Paden said.

Each competition has 20 to 30 targets.

Paden was named one of the winners of the American Shooter Association Eagle Open Male Shooter of the Year for 2022.

He is already competing at the professional level in ASA.

Paden first took up a bow four years ago, and he started competing soon after. His interest in sports started because of his older brother.

Training for competitions began with his parents and Robert Householder.

He also received guidance from Archery Unlimited in Prattville.

“They’re helping him however they can,” Paden’s father Brian Mims said.

Over the past year, he has appeared in about 42 games. His gear has a patriotic touch as his gear is coordinated in red, white, and blue.

During Paden’s first competition, a friend of Brian Mims recommended the Martin Archery program and Obsession Archery Next Generation. This program resulted in Paden earning a fully customized Obsession bow which he uses in competition.

He is part of the Scholastic 3D Archery St. Clair team and a Talladega team for Bowhunters of Alabama.

His mother Marsha Mims said Paden had become close friends with other young archers from other countries through his competitions.

Brian Mims said during the competitive session that Paden has a game every weekend. Only one is in Chilton County, so the family travels a lot. Brian commented that Paden likes to stay in hotels.

“In college (next year) there will be a lot more people shooting,” Paden said. “I have to get used to shooting longer distances.”

He plans to continue competing with more out-of-state matches next session.

Earnest A. Martinez