Save birds with 3D printed boats

Montana, aptly nicknamed the land of the big sky, is a beautiful state with lots of open landscapes, mountains, and abundant wildlife. It’s a fantastic place to visit or live, but if you live in the town of Butte, this incredible Montana landscape is marred by the remains of a huge strip mine. Not only is it a horror, but the water that has filled the pit is deadly to any bird that lands there. Therefore, a group of people have adopted ingenious methods to deter birds from landing in the toxic man-made lake for too long.

When they started, the only tool they had was a rifle. Scaring birds this way is not the most effective way for all species, however lately they have turned to other tools. One of them is a custom boat built on a foam bodyboard that uses a plethora of 3D printed parts and sensors to allow the operator to remotely pilot the boat on the toxic lake. The team also has a bird-scaring drone, as well as a range of other tools such as high-powered lasers, propane cannons and various oscilloscopes to put together the most effective response to help save wildlife.

While this strategy runs the gamut of the tools most commonly featured here, from 3D printers to drones to lasers, the one thing missing is automation like we’ve seen with other drone builds we’ve seen. have presented in the past. It takes a long time to continually scare away the birds of this lake, even during the winter, so every help the team can get could go even further.

Thanks to [floz] for the tip!

Earnest A. Martinez